How do i remove authenticator, without one?

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Hi, so the thing is. I have an authenticator on my phone. Now that my phone's screen broke i cannot do anything on it...

This means that i cannot log in. I cannot log in on to remove the authenticator either because i need it to be able to log in...

I have made a ticket on the support part on or w/e its called, but is there anything else i can do to remove it? Would greatly appreciate an answer that would fix this by tomorrow at least because i'm continuing HC DS progress with my guild tomorrow. :)
Pretty sure you dont stand a chance if your phone is broken.
You did get the restore code when you set it up, but I´m pretty sure you can only use the restore code with your phone :P
Wait for support to hook you up.
The only way quicker than a ticket is to phone up Account and Payment Support. They are open 9:30am-10:00pm (Paris time). It shouldn't take too long as long as you either have some scanned photo id you can send them or know your secret answer and have your CD keys handy to prove that you are the owner of the account.

Their numbers are here:

Account and Payment Support

If your country isn't listed you can call the UK number free from Skype.

Good luck in getting it sorted :)
Hi Offroád,

You can use this page to request the removal of an authenticator directly. It'll also ensure that you attach the necessary information to the ticket, like your government issued photo ID:
Innotech: that's because this post is from 2012 and they often change the site. Go here and look for the situation that applies to you

Please follow the instructions on the support article Nyshae linked. In the future, please avoid necroing threads as information and links tend to get outdated.

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