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Customer Support
With the launch of the Mists of Pandaria our Customer Support teams have seen a large increase in contacts from players. As a result, we are unfortunately experiencing a higher than average wait time for phone and web tickets.

We want you to know that we are continually working to improve wait times for all players and resume normal service as quickly as possible. If you’ve recently submitted a help petition however, then please keep the above in mind.

We appreciate any understanding and patience you’re able to afford us at this busy time, and apologise in advance for any inconvenience or annoyance the current response times may be causing you.
Useful Tips

A large portion of incoming help requests are questions already answered in our searchable Battle.net Knowledge Centre. Before contacting us, please search this useful resource for the answer to your question.

  • Please don’t submit multiple tickets about the same issue – one will be sufficient, and any additional tickets made at a later date or time will be placed further back in the queue.
  • If your issue has already been resolved, please close your ticket.
  • Editing, or adding an additional ‘response’ to, an existing unanswered ticket will not place you at the back of the queue, so please feel free to do so if you’ve missed something.
  • Closing, or abandoning, and then reopening any existing tickets sadly will place you at the back of the queue once more, so this should be avoided if at all possible!
  • Please ensure that when you contact us that you give accurate and up-to-date information. Incorrect or missing information can slow down the investigation and increase the response time.
  • If your ticket has been ‘escalated’, this merely means that it has been moved into a different queue. Most often, this will be necessary if your issue requires Specialist attention, or if it falls into a category matching a large number of other similar requests.
  • If you contact us regarding a technical issue after having performed all the steps from our FAQs and stickies, please make sure to attach your DxDiag.txt as well as your MSInfo.txt. You can find an explanation (including a video guide) on how to create those files here.
  • Please don’t set too much store by any estimated response times you may be seeing in-game – these are calculated based on all the waiting tickets across all languages, and are regrettably unlikely to be accurate at the current time.

Don't forget that Customer Support Representatives will not be able to offer gameplay hints and tips. If you have questions of this nature, refer to fansites or ask the rest of the Community on our forums.

If you contact us about an account or billing related problem, please make sure to always include your security question and answer as well as your full name in your ticket. If you don’t remember your security question, you can display it by initiating the password reset procedure (without actually completing it). If you don’t remember the Answer, please attach ID to your ticket (passport, driver's licence etc.)
Useful Webforms

At times, there may be no need to make an actual support ticket to get the help you need. We also have some useful tools designed to get your issue resolved as quickly as possible.


  • I want to reset my password! Go here.
  • My account has been compromised! Go here.
  • I want to remove my Authenticator! Go here.
  • I've lost/broken my Authenticator! Go here.
  • I deleted an item in error! Go here.


Stay Informed!

As well as our the ever-helpful Battle.net Knowledge Centre, staying up to date with the latest service information, known issues, workarounds and new features will help eliminate unnecessary support contacts.

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