Extremely long loading times and freezing in BC areas!

Technical Support
When I try to acces Burning Crusade areas my loading screen lasts for 5-10 minutes. When I first do get in, my screen freezes up as soon as I move, and this happens all the time. If I queue a dungeon in BC, if I travel to Exodar, if I travel to Hellfire etc.

Anyone else have this problem? Really annoying.... Please help...

EDIT: It's also only in BC, vanilla, LK and Cata content works fine....

Can you try to go to your World of Warcraft Data folder, and in here remove the Cache directory, and try the game again after this and see what happens?
Did not help.
Also happening to me since Wednesday.... Any help appreciated...
Happened to me too. Not logged in since Tuesday due to freeze on load screen across 2 chars that I tested.
A complete re-install of WoW worked, but that was 6 hours of boring, but at least now it works. Have no idea what caused it - deleted the cache folder, tried to delete the WTF folder, but nothing helped.

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