A-RP: Bayerleyn Retinue - Recruiting in Stormwind.

Argent Dawn
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*Tranq-darts Denny*

This is a thread-napping! Everyone stay calm and no one gets hurt! We're just after the priest!
Nooooooo, don't make me go back to Northrend...it's cold! We have eaten nothing but fish and Drannach is there somewhere, lurking...
*Tranq-darts Denny*

This is a thread-napping! Everyone stay calm and no one gets hurt! We're just after the priest!

Mists of Pandaria and the Bayerleyns
The guild is preparing for Pandaria; expecting a RP hiatus to let people level up, explore content and fix dungeons; once the first OOC burst will be through the focus on RP will slowly return, gradually - as we have players also interested in some achievements, dungeons and gearing off heroics.

Guild wise we will accept Monks as class; but not Pandas as race.

The Bayerleyns are praising to get more -players- who can commit to the guild with one or more characters; which must be characters used in RP too.
Though we do allow 1 character as OOC alt to help in dungeons, benefit of perks, etcetera.

Our guild members are required to have MoP Expansion, to not have anyone being limited in level and content - for we still expect at least 1 character per player in the guild to hit 90 in decent time to access locations and Rp-PvP events.
After a while past the launch of this expansion we will clean the roster off inactives; something we're presently, in August, overlooking due to summer vacations, and people to an extent enjoying the heat and the beaches.

For the time being we're finishing our dealing in the Northern Riches campaign, and looking forward for the Blizzard triggered event of Pandaria prelude, which in accord to spoilers is around Theramore and will result (with much joy by my side) with the destruction of Theramore (that city of Horde friends led by a woman drooling over Thrall, that emotional gimp of Jaina!).

Thus Rping still actively and passionately as always, until the expansion release.
Ohh not on third page, going up front again, to make sure we will have more to join our ranks... More people is more fun, when we slay the enemies.
Tonight we have the second part of our storytelling adventures based around our part in the Northern Riches campaign so it's time to get out our character sheets once more! With the campaign being a tad quiet and some guilds pulling out due to lack of member activity and such, it is a good excuse for us to get together and have some guild rp time in the same flavour as the campaign.
NRC may OOC be over, but we still have some loose ends to tie up in Northrend before we return to the City. Looking forward to some RP/PVP with Dawnherald and some more storytelling using our stats system. (see our forums, link can be found at bayerleyn-retinue.webs.com)
Although the NRC campaign itself wasn't the success we all hoped it would be, we still managed to get a lot of rp out of being in Northrend. Here are some links to our adventures, both in battle with the Horde and our escapades at the spooky temple in Borean Tundra!

Battling the Horde:

Storytelling at the spooky temple:

Other adventures while on campaign:

Letters home:

Just because MoP is coming doesn't mean we slack too much! Feel free to check our website for more information about the Bayerleyn Retinue (bayerleyn-retinue.webs.com)
The Retinue have returned to Stormwind for rest, relaxation and a bit of recruitment to lead us into the Theramore event in the next few weeks with the pre-expansion patch.

Yes, the greencoats will be seen around Cathedral Square and no doubt some of the taverns of the City for a while, people-watching and getting to know some new friends, feel free to come rp with us, we don't like bubble rp and all of our members are approachable whether you are a beginner or an elitist!
Soon to go to Theramore for the Blizzard pre-MoP event.
Stay tuned and enlist now before we sail people!
We seem to have had an influx of scholars recently and are now short on meatshields, I mean, plate wearers...

Things may be more quiet than usual with the GW2 launch and pre-MoP blues people tend to be suffering as usual before an expansion hits, but the patch is here soon and hopefully after the initial confusion and bugs settle down, we can get back to normal service!

bayerleyn-retinue.webs.com is where you will find out more about us and you can always poke a guild member in whisper for an ooc chat if there is anything that isn't answered for you.
Haha... You don't have tincans...


Ignore me...
I said we are short of tincans, not that we don't have any! That eye-patch is obviously giving you issues with reading my posts *pats*
The Bayerleyns are operating in the Barrens, but concerns stretch about dwarven unpredicted initiatives in the lands of Strom.

AA report over the Barrens:

AA article where we do appear!
The raging of blows of war around the sector of Theramore prosecutes, relentless, still in the old and conventional ways of war - the Bayerleyns unaware of the pesky plans of mass destruction of the Horde.

Check out our RP progress.

Also we're recruiting - characters, and even better players, willing to be with us in MoP and establish in the guild.
We're coming for you greencoats! My axe will have your blood on it once again!

Skirmish just over, and these guys were as enjoyable as always to fight with.
I want you to hand over your Death Knight however, he truly needs to die.
Some day, Miss Mage whose name I already forget, there is going to be a reckoning.

*shakes fist at the spry-footed, frost-nova-ing creature*
Alas shortage of attendancy crippled us; that offered you pinkies a victory on a silver platter!

I think you are mentioning Karlora Stonehouse as Miss Mage over there, and yes she's very both of what you said!
07/09/2012 21:57Posted by Shonn
Alas shortage of attendancy crippled us; that offered you pinkies a victory on a silver platter!

No need to make excuses, next time, bring your full force... heck bring entire Stormwind! None stand a chance against the soldiers of Quel'thalas!
Karlora, yes...

...now I have a name to attach to the Frost-Nova-ing...

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