Even More (Another 100,000) Beta Invites

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*Crossing fingers*
I can't wait :) Going to fraps it and put it up on youtube :>
Not that i am a big youtuber (83 subs) Oh well xD
Thanks for notifying us.

what's your youtube channel i want to be the 84th sub :)

Beats me, I have 3 atm. :L
31/03/2012 12:28Posted by Indìe
Pro tip - If you dont have a good interwebs connection you wont be able to stay on longer then 5 mins anyway. I love living in London the web is ultra fast! :D

Yet, for someone living in London your English and grammar is exceptionally bad.

Yet, for someone living in London your English and grammar is exceptionally bad.
You mean it's exceptionally good? :P
I'd really love to know how they're picking which people get invites first. Or if it's random.

I've had an account since December 2005 but I have had breaks during that time but never longer than a few months. I've not desperate to get into the beta but the longer I'm waiting the more excited I'm getting. :3
beta is kinda unplayable right now :S
too much lagg and server drops :(
I think total payed gametime months is a part of it
becouse its internet connection not interwabs connection
Yay almost time to get lvl 90 lol

Wow, someone prolly woke up on the wrong side today? it's sad to see that some ppl don't know what joke is, or to be happy is.. Maybe because that person is not happy himself

I'm risking a leap at a probably obvious troll here, but meh. To be happy about getting into beta is ok, but being an !@#$%^- about it is entirely different thing. I have no reason not to be happy, since I do have Annual Pass and therefore am guaranteed a beta invite and a chance to play dress up with Pandaren female and play some WoW-Pokemon.

So I'll say this once more: Please go to hell and troll the Satan, mkay?

Someones maaaad
Got an emai in my WoW-Only Email address, I got so excited, I ran to open to find.

The Blizzard Insider #43.......this round to you Blizz, this round to you!
i still haven't got mine :<

ahah yea i already got insider joke xD infact i check b.net instead of the e-mail, but i think i'm going to check it out this evening.
/invite please.
oh yea pick me pick me
Im pretty sure i will be either in the 5 - 6th wave. Loving to see that these invites are becoming more and more frequent. :)
so i take it that this means i might get a beta invite today or tomorow. YAY!
Pick me
same for me i got a beta key for diablo 3, i dont know if it is a mistake or not

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