Mouse issues (cursor "blinking")

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Been having these issues the past couple of weeks, as has my fellow bear in the guild. Neither of us are remotely new to either wow, computers or the likes. I did a quick search and came up with nada, so here's a description of the problem:

Mouse cursor glitches by blinking
I's the best description I can give. It happens when using mouse-look. The best description is that the mouse blinks, both figuratively speaking and literally. From a visual standpoint, the cursor will blink in for 1-2 frames, enough to see it but that's it. At times it will repeat this for 1-2 seconds. Gameplay wise, it seems that the blinking is registered as a release on right MB and a push on left MB and then back to Right. Annoying? You bet your Edited for language - Lurdlespor it is, because anything and everything under the mouse is then selected (if nothing there, current target is deselected).

I've tried:
Editing mouse-settings in windowps (aka "fiddling" to see if anything magical would happen)
Using another mosue (in case we jsut both happened to have mice diwing at the same time)
Disabling addons
Disabling 64bit client and running 32 bit
Running WoW repair-tool

so far, nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. It seems like there's som sort of error, but I cannot seem to pinpoint it, making me suspect there's a game bug somewhere.

Razer NAGA mouse (and G15 keyboard)
AMD Penom II x4 955 CPU running@3.2GHz (stock)
12 GB of RAM (1666)
AMD Radeon HD6800 GFX cardI'm running dual monitors, one for wow, one for skype, trillian etc
Windows 7 64-bit (running 64-bit client)
WoW is running off a 7200RPM mechanical drive, windows off an SSD (Agility 3 model)
Hi Tirithil,

Can you do me a favour, and open the World of Warcraft folder and run the Repair utility?

If you could do that, then let us know if it helped or not, it'd be mega appreciated. :)
I should've added that to the original post, shouldn't I? I ran that as one of the first things, of course :)
Please do not swear on the forums.

Issues with the cursor like this are usually related to the graphics adapter. We can test this by testing the cursor in software mode, you can do this by typing the following in-game:
console /gxcursor 0

Then press enter and restart the client.

If this stops it from blinking, then it'll mean the GPU was experiencing issues rendering the hardware cursor, I'd advise that you look into graphics adapter drivers from there:

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