Can't claim my SoR free level 80

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Hello, I am just writing because I cannot see any help or information on how to claim the level 80 boost, I was resurrected last night by my friend and would like to begin gaming.

Thanks for your time
Hello Saelmathor,

I’m glad to see that Allanonn was able to provide a helpful link in response to your post yesterday, and if your account was eligible then hopefully you’ve since been able to start claiming your rewards. :)

For informational purposes, and just in case you still have any outstanding queries, below are some additional helpful links on the subject;

Scroll of Resurrection - Sending and Receiving

Receiving a Scroll of Resurrection - World of Warcraft
same here
i see no option how to claim the 80 free lvl
the explanations dont help on how it pop
and why sometimes it dont
You need to claim the level 80 at the same time you transfer the character Didodou and it needs to be for the same character. You will not be able to split the rewards.

All this information can be found in the links that Nephadne has kindly posted.

If you have made a mistake, then you'll need to contact our Account and Payment team.

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