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Today i was in that dungeon we were at the last boss and he droped a mace, a was the only melee in the gruop, i needed it ofcours, and someone didnt roll and i had to wait, while i was waiting i wanted to turn in the quests that i got in the dungeon when i turned one it teleported me out of the dungeon and u couldnt get in anymore.. and i didnt get the mace help please.
You would have to make an Ingame ticket to resolve this issue.

Expect to wait days though as its a weekend and not to mention the tickets are lagged up with people querying the Annual Pass and SoR
What Káj said is spot on.

Don't forget to provide as many details about the incident as possible, especially the date and (approximate) server time. If you can remember the names (and servers!) of anyone else in the group, or similar information, that would be very helpful.

That said, you may get it faster by simply doing the dungeon again. It's only a quick five man instance, and the weapon has a 30% drop chance. You may even be able to assemble a group from your Guild and / or Real ID who don't need the weapon.
Hi there,

As said above, the best option would be to contact our Game Master support staff directly, who will be able to look into this issue with you.

They're contactable in-game using the red question mark at the bottom of your interface.

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