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If you maybe missed out a blue post:


The kingdoms of the Khazajit existed long before recorded history.
Pandaria consisted of 3 kingdoms of about 3 different types of Khazajit early in the First Pandaria war, which were a model of cooperative specialization and harmony compared to other races of the time.

The Sha Plague would upset this balance after war, leaving only one primary kingdom.
The province was fashioned into its modern state when Heirgo and F!@#$a combined their long-feuding domains and gave the land its name, sparking a class struggle that briefly threatened to draw outside intervention from Yaungo.

Peace was eventually restored amongst the Khazajit by the generally non-partisan Jinyu , Rid-T'har-ri'Datta, who "bestowed to the classes equality under the bi-lunar shadow, dividing their power in accordance with two-moons-dance"
After Great Sundering of the world , the moons The Blue Child and The White Lady vanished, creating fear and strife amongst the Khajiit from wich Sha could feed.
When the moons reappeared two years later and the Pandaren Empire announced they had used magic to restore them, the Khazajit praised them as their saviors.


The Khazajit are divided by two disparate ways of life: the civilized jungles and river basins of southern Pandaria, which have ancient mercantile traditions, a stable agrarian aristocracy based on the exportation of saltrice and Moon Sugar, and a thriving artistic culture, which contrasts greatly with the nomadic tribe or pride-centric Khazajit of the dry northern wastes and grasslands, where aggressive and territorial raiders occasionally unite under a single chieftain.

It is widely held that the greatest force amongst the Khazajit are the Shadow Mothers. It is they, ultimately, who control both the harvest and refining of Moon Sugar, and thus they who are seen as the most influential.

The Khazajit often refer to Moon Sugar as "crystallized moonlight", trapped by the glimmering waters of the Kun-Lai Summit river and washed to the sugarcane groves of the Jade Forest by the tides, under the guidance of Sprites.

The Khazajit believe that by consuming it, they are consuming a small portion of the eternal souls of the moon gods, White lady and Blue Child.
Despite the extremely addictive nature of the sugar, it is an integral part of Khazajit life and the chief export of Valley of the Four Winds, where it is smuggled out in both raw and refined forms to be procesed into a known Pandaren brews.

The typical bipedal Khazajit dresses in an ample shawl of brightly-colored cloth, known as a budi, for defense against the harsh rays of the sun.
This shirt is tightly fastened in braids down the right side, in order to prevent any part of the torso fur from being seen, as the exposure of such in public is deemed both offensive and unsightly.

In battle, those who walk upright traditionally don medium-weight armor in battle, exquisitely fashioned from loose-fitting leather overlaid with lacquered and highly-burnished metal plates.

While leather caps are generally preferred, those with the means to procure such will often don helms of fluted silver.
Furthermore, most Khazajit bedeck themselves with jewelry, trinkets, and occasionally even herbs such as Shadowshade.

Their tattoos often have deep cultural and religious significance, as they signify their race, tribe, and the gods of their worship.

Over the years, Khazajit frequently have had to deal with the worry of being kidnapped and sold into slavery, especially in Townlong Steppes, so they have to take self-defense seriously.
While the majority of Khazajit prefer to use their razor-sharp and retractable claws as weapons in numerous forms of Khazajit monk martial arts like Goutfang, Whispering Claw and Rawlith Khaj, many have mastered the use of the swords, staffs, daggers, and bows.

Some items i have found so far in beta files:
Friendly: Unknown so far (100% is tabat)
Honored: Words of Shadow Mother Ahniss (sword offhand trinket?--no idea)
Reveled: Moon sugar -- i belive its a stat food
Exalted: Shadowshade (trinket?) Shadowpanter (mount?)

Faction can be seen here but so far they are using Ramkahen cat model:

Here is some blizzard art i have found:

(yeah imageshack sucks--used better image uploder)


Model so far in progress:

You can see it on wowmodelwiever.

Model video:

If some1 who has beta can go there and check how the zone looks please post it here .
Skyrim is > that way
I got to say though skyrim looks lot better and has more intresting races.

Wow races are so boring.
No. New. Races. PERIOD!
01/04/2012 10:25Posted by Cyrík
No. New. Races. PERIOD!

Did you check date?
01/04/2012 10:33Posted by Desolara
No. New. Races. PERIOD!

Did you check date?

Mhm, indeed.... Good one ;-)
Not bothering checking dates, still going to say that no new races and messing with lore should be allowed. Also no new classes either, further messing up PvP "balance".
Tamriel this way ----->
April april, bla bla bla. First thing I thought of when I checked the thread's name.
I used to be a Khazajit like you, but then I took an April Fools joke to the knee.
I loled :)

Stil got some suprises left for today.
01/04/2012 10:54Posted by Cyrík
Not bothering checking dates, still going to say that no new races and messing with lore should be allowed. Also no new classes either, further messing up PvP "balance".
Wow, that went over your head.

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