FPS severely drop when laptop charger plugged in..

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Hey I was wondering if any1 could help me with this specific problem.. it happened the other way round before (when i took laptop charger out the fps dropped).

Recently, I have been getting 5-10 fps as soon as I log in and this stays until I log out. Even if I go to a remote place where there will be no other factors diminishing my fps is still low.

This has happened a few times before but has always somehow been rectified. However, when I take my laptop charger out of the plug.. my fps jumps up to 30-40 which I would class as standard and satisfied by.

My in game graphics are set to fair (I used to have them on medium, but the fps gradually declined so I put it down to fair) and I make sure that my power plan is set to high performance when plugged in.

If any further information is needed.. like the details of my laptop then ask and i'll happily give.

Hello Oblivionz,

Please go into the high performance plan's settings and then restore them to default. Once this has been done, test the game again to see if the issue persists.
Hey thank you for getting back to me Prokkar :)

Sadly, I tried this before and nothing worked. I tried once again as you requested but it still doesnt change anything :(

I dunno what has happened as this has just come about recently.

The problem seems to persist everywhere apart from arena. As I have been playing 2s recently and once I get in to the arena I have 30fps again - whether the charger is plugged in or not.

Any more info will be greatly appreciated!
Greetings, I know this was a while ago, however, the reason why you are getting bad FPS rates when your laptop is on charge is probably related to the Wattage of your charger.
When your laptop is on charge, it completely relies on that as a power source and does not use the battery at all as it is also being charged at the same time.
I had the same issue with my Laptop HP ELitebook 8440p i7,. I was playing League of legends and my FPS was down to 25-30 FPS when on charge, when off Charge was 60+ FPS.
My charger was originally just 65 Watts, this was simply not enough for the laptop, I now am using a 90 Watt charger and it works a treat :)

So in short, check your Wattage on your laptop's charger, it is probably around 65 watts as mine originally was :)

Good luck.

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