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Looking for Players – PvP
Updated the first post to make it more clear and updated the list of Real IDs i currently have.
Next run will be Friday 13th April at 20:30. Planning the following Achievements across Friday/Saturday:

Arathi Basin:
Resilient Victory
Lets Get This Done
Arathi Basin Perfection
Territorial Dominance
We Had it All Along *Cough*

These are the main goals for the weekend, if you don't get in the group this week don't worry we'll repeat this achievements multiple times till everyone has them.
mailed you ingame add me :)
Thanks to everyone that has joined so far, and grats to the achs we've earned so far!

Still looking for more people (particularly dps) that are available on Fridays 20:30+ and Saturday 15:00+ for these achs. Keep mailing your Real IDs to Loubykin-Ghostlands.
Name: Meráx
server: Grim Batol
class: Priest
Spec: Disc
res: 5200 ( i often go with hybrid gear for haste / pve staff and trinkets )
Just sent you a mail.

Name: Xuh
Server: Kazzak
Class/Spec : Rogue/Subtlety
Resilience : 4300+

EDIT : My attendance may vary, but on Saturdays I may have issues making it. Just letting you know.
This Friday/Saturday aiming for:

Eye of the Storm:
*The Perfect Storm - also while trying for this people can get their Storm Glory achievement (if it doesnt jeopardize the groups ach)

Warsong Gulch:
*Warsong Expedience
*Not in My House
*Frenzied Defender - Take a few games for everyone to get this one

But if theres enough on for a full AB group we'll skip WSG and repeat the AB achs we've already done for those that missed them (E.g Resi Victory, We Had it All Along *Cough*, Arathi Basin Perfection, Lets Get This Done).

Name: Bínto
Server: Sylvanas
Class/Spec: Pala/holy and ret
Gear: Full elite geared as holy
Resi: around 4100 cus of pve items

i should be able to attend friday
Name: Shartell
Server: Frostmane
Class/Spec: Ret
Gear: cata mostly + 416 wep
Resi: ~4600
Name: Supermook
Server: Shadowsong
Class: Druid
Spec: Feral DPS
Name: Bakkiwins
Server: Sylvanas
Class: Mage
Spec: Fire
Resil: 4440 (using insignia pve trinket)

got 1900 rbg achiev
i've sent you mail yesterday
Name: Exelio
Server: Frostmane
Class: Druid
Spec: Balance
Resilience: 3300 Resilience with PvE parts
Name: Autodrop
server: Chamber of Aspects
class: Priest
Spec: Healer (disc)
res: 5300

Looking for Eye of the Storm perfection primarily.
Name: Mashup
Server: Frostmane
Class: Rogue
Spec: Sub
Res: 3500-4800

Primarly looking for Resilient Victory.
04/04/2012 18:54Posted by Doomdark
So it is. Stick an [A] in the title so poor orcs don't get confused.
Why hello there! Count me in !:] ill send this on whisper aswell i guess

Name: Kiay
Server: Outland
Class: Rogue
Spec: Sub
Res: 4785
Name: Thalaen
Server: Argent Dawn
Class: Warrior:
Spec: Arms prio, with Prot OS
Res: 4714

Will message in game too.
Server: Darkspear
Class: Warlock
Spec: Affliction
Resil: ~4800

Mailed you in-game.
Name: Owmage
Server: Sylvanas
class: Mage
Spec: frost/fire
Res: 4320
Got full cata tho just playing offensive with rathrak 1h dagger and heroic DS trinket.
Name: Shadowbláde
Server: Nagrand
Spec: Sub/multilate
Class: Rogue
Ressi: 4.3k with vial, can go up to and beyond 5k with gems in my bank/more pvp items
Got RBG exp which is always usful :) Mailed you ingame
Name: Varsam
Server: Shadowsong
Spec: Disc
Class: Priest
Ressi: 4.7k

Have mailed you ingame

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