cookie brigade R.I.P

Twisting Nether
//Currently cookies are looking for people with the following flavor to add to our collection:

Applicants should have experience in hardcore raiding.

Cookie Brigade is a collection of ex-hardcore raiders from such guilds as Inner Sanctum and Numen to name a few, and some affiliates who still greatly enjoy the PvE raiding the game has to offer but due to personal time limitations or similar reasons no longer have the time nor the will to progress raid quite daily. We raid solely in 10 man content.

The core of our guild has known one another since roughly the launch of Vanilla, and we are aiming to continue progression raiding just like we used to, just with somewhat less time constraints.

Our raiding times are Wednesday and Monday 19.30-23.00, Sunday 18.00-23.00. You should aim to be able to be online for each of these, occasionally missing one due to RL constraints is ofcourse not a major issue, as long as it's not very common. For those showing interest, there'll be a small interview done, we do require fairly fluent grasp of the English language, preferably a fairly long history of PvE raiding in progress-oriented enviroment and that you are 21 years or older. Our average age is I believe somewhere in the late 20's by now, and very young people would likely not fit in. We have Mumble server and it's in heavy use for raiding, if you are terribly shy you aren't required to blabber your head off there but being able to speak is rather crucial, at times being able to just quickly say something along the lines of 'add loose' saves lives.

Current progress as stands is:
6/6 HC Mogu´shan vaults
1/6 Hc Heart of Fear
4/4 Normal Terrace of Endless Spring

Those interested should contact either Triball, Warathul, Gorehammer, Tibben or Grimasha to set up a time for the interview.

Easier way to contact us is to apply through
Since wowstead is slightly bugging atm use this link the in the apply page:
Cookies yay! <3
I approve. Coryenne gave me a cookie! \o/
Nom nom
bumpish action
Free bump!
Oh thank you kind Sir
what is your favorite cookie?
mine is maryland chocolate chip. thought i'd share.
jaffa cake (counts as cookie)
good call
06/04/2012 00:23Posted by Althaea
I approve. Coryenne gave me a cookie! \o/

wtf u cheating on me?


*walks off*


maryland lol. tesco value cookies omnomnom :DD
Jaffa cakes are deluscious
Looking for a skilled holy pala or possibly a ranged dps (owl preffered) for MoP.
Did you lose Freddie? :(
Free bump from another ex-Norder <3
Freddie has gone on one of his absances again due to h8ting the game, so we need to cover his indefinite absence. :/

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