Frost Mage PVP Stats

I saw in forum the pvp guide but its still not clear to me, and some other forums showing something else than this one.
Please what is the mage stats priority, and how many hit/crit i need?
I know that mastery is the most important one because its dmg on freezed target..
07/04/2012 16:35Posted by Ermac
and how many hit/crit i need?

You need 4% hit and atleast 17% crit.
4% Hit > 17% Crit > Int > Mastery
That one is good right?
4% Hit > 17% Crit > Int > Mastery
That one is good right?

Not really sure if it's Int > Mastery or Mastery > Int but you should have atleast 12-14 mastery points fully geared.

btw, make sure you get spell pen cap too (just buy PVP neck)
Recently i got the same problem so i checked some mage 'heroes' and they went for int stacking. I was fully mastery and now full int. Better dmg with more int so there you go :)
Int is even for PvP frost mages > mastery.



more damage against frozen targets
Thanks guys
ummm, which talent tree is best for a pvp spec. I've tried frost but it so far sucks. i died 10 times without killing anyone. could someone tell me the best pvp spec whch actually helps?

Is the best spec. Although you could go 2/2 Blazing speed 1/2 Impact if you feel you're dying too much, it's probably just practice though.
Int > 4% hit > mastery > crit > haste
12/04/2012 16:11Posted by Dutchmagoz
Int > 4% hit > mastery > crit > haste

wouldn't that be: Int > 4% hit > minimum 17% crit > stack mastery as far as it goes >>> haste
Hit is greater than everything else, or at least on par with spell pen. Nothing worse than losing a game because deepfreeze missed, or resisted.

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