Paladins in MoP - Ret spells, talents and glyphs.

Hello forums. Being a lover of ret paladins I decided to show changes to Paladins in Mists of pandaria, concentrating on Retribution, talents and glyphs. I'll be making videos as the expansion goes along so look forward to hearing new tidbits of information.

Edit: A few notes I missed in the video.

Excorcism is instant cast. Art of war refreshes the cooldown.

Relics are unequippable.

Templars Verdict requires 3 holy power to be used.
I love Ret Paladins in MoP. They feel much more like how they were in Lich King again. A huge improvement over the bingo in Cataclysm, it feels more controlled, effective, focused, determined, and with the relatively controlled instant self-healing from Flash of Light it keeps you from wasting HP on Word of Glory.
cata's retribution paladins are perfectly described as ,,glass cannons''
in mop this looks to change , retri paladins look more like blood death knight's
selfless healing ,... lawl , epic , yes i saw the mana cost of flash of light
exo .... hmm .... rly rly nice , again big mana cost
... hmm , so much mana cost ..... i think we will start to see retri with int builds , considering sword of light regenerated 5% of TOTAL mana (yes , total , not base mana , but total mana ) every 2 secs...
hmm , retri has always had the problem of not being able to catch the enamy , but....but......steal of justice slows the enamy by 50% (6 sec) and burden of guild by another 50% (12 sec ,and consider u can cast judgement every 6 sec , with cata gear , even faster) .... so if these stack , and from what i see ,they do..... -100% movement speed for the enemy = retri's dream

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