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I'm posting on an alt for the sake of anonymity since I'm pretty angry at whats happened

But I transferred my Main in order to join a guild which I thought suited my needs only to realise when I got over there they were a bunch of !@#$%^-s being mean to the majority of people leading to a small confrontation about an officers attitude leading to me being removed not even 48 hours after reluctantly moving servers.

Whats made me angry the most is not the fact they were *!@#$%^s or anything, its the fact I've wasted £15 in which I could of used elsewhere especially how tight funds are for me, which also means I won't be able to transfer elsewhere thus limiting the enjoyment of the game for me

I've made a ticket regarding the matter, in the hope I could somehow get the transfer reverted, I'm aware of the refund policy but I feel like I've been totally mocked and screwed over at the cost of rl cash - But I feel I'm contacting the wrong department about the matter??
Accounts are the people you would need to contact. Phone would be much better as you could explain what happened properly
Just be forewarned that they could easily say no

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Thanks I'll try that.

Even if I had the choice to pick another Server would be amazing since being alone on this server thanks to them has killed my enjoyment :(
Allanonn is absolutely correct. Please bear in mind that there is a bit of a queue at the moment so you may have to wait for a couple of days before you receive a reply, but don't worry, you will be contacted as soon as possible. :)
Dweebol I feel for you, I really do *hug* It is a shame it didn't work out for you on the realm you moved to and I really hope they can resolve this for you.

Good luck

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