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Hi, as you might guess I've been inactive for quite some time, but a friend convinced me to rejoin him. As I tried to do so, I got a scroll from him, and I accepted it, chose the character I wanted to be moved to his realm (this one) and accepted, as for now, none of my "rewards" has been fulfilled on my account, and my toon is still on Balnazzar, as opposed to where I said it should be. (Grim Batol) Blizzard, this is not a way to bring your customers back. I was not informed about any sort of delay that would arrise, and seemingly the only thing that has been added to my account is a 7 day free trial. Why havent I received my starting items and my server change?

By the way, your phonelines are full.
From which character did your friend send the scroll?
Hi Fiwarelli,

I had a quick look and it seems like this has resolved itself since you posted, but if not, please give us a call and we'll sort it out for you:

Account and Payment Support

[Guide] How to call Blizzard
I still haven't received my lvlers gear, I never did so :/ Too late now, tho.
i'm getting the problem where my friend sent the scroll like 3 days ago! someone look into it and stop treating me so insignificantly
Stop posting on every thread about this issue and get your friend to send you a new scroll, and check your spam folder in case it was put there - also if you're actually eligible. You've already been told what to do.
Check on your account - emails don't always arrive.

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