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I did a faction change for my warlock (moochacho) and changed it to its current race/faction/name <<< Honhb. After the wednesday patch n the morning i go onto my account to find that I have ANOTHER faction change pending. I DO NOT want this faction change as i cannot move server whilst i have one pending. I checked on the History tab of my faction changes and only ONE exists (ID 32719880) and it says that that one is already complete. I do not wish to go back to horde because I payed 15 pounds 4 days ago to go alliance to change server and play with my friends on Auchindoun, Please remove this faction change as i did not pay for it and i do not want it. This crap has gone on since I faction changed in the first place and i would apreciate some help with the issue. I dont see the point on me having to call blizzard - just remove this unpaid factionchange please so i can server change!
Are You sure that the payment went through?
Because this can happen if something with wrong with the payment.
Had it one time where when my payment failed and it gave me the exact same message.

If this is the case however then You should have recieved an e-mail about that with a link to the payment option for exactly that amount.Edit: Hmm just saw some other posts that have this problem aswell so it could be a bug.
So yeah it's best to call them or contact account and payment support.
11/04/2012 16:35Posted by Honhb
I dont see the point on me having to call blizzard - just remove this unpaid factionchange please so i can server change!

Then simply make a ticket and wait 5 days or you could call them to get it fixed in 30 minutes. Just a matter of good patience.
Or you could do nothing and get billed.
Im talking to a gm now and im waiting for my mum to get home to check the acount to see if i got billed twice
Greetings! This same happened to me .. and to my mate too! Im going to use this ''2nd option'' to just change my face. Not sure if it was exactly same for you tho... apologises for my semi-bad english skills. This is how i did it:

4days ago i fac changed from Human --> Orc and now i can change my faction again for free.
They are aware of the issue and wants the costumers to ignore it, it will be sorted soon. That's the reply I got this saturday.
I've had the same except I tried using the faction change expecting it to not work, and resolve the issue. Instead, it let me change faction and my issues have so far had useless replies which haven't helped the slightest. Now I'm in a phase of being ignored it seems..So, yeah.
Hi Honhb,

There's a bit of an issue going around at the moment where players that have recently purchased a character service now have the option to do it again. You can either ignore the button and save it for the future or you can contact us to have it removed/reverted:

Account and Payment Support

[Guide] How to call Blizzard

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