Best race for Feral Druid?

Hey guys, i'm going to make a feral druid..but which race is best?
Mostly going to do PvE, dungens, raids etc.

(Alliance and Horde)
Worgen for the 1% crit it is wroth around 172 Crit rating (correct me if i am wrong but close to)
For horde Troll cba Beast Slayer and the Troll Berserk

PvP Night Elf you can pounch when shadowmeld and 2% extra avoidance
Tauren stun is nice to have
My best bet would be worgen. Or troll for Horde.
As above.
Difference is small, Troll is better burst in synch with Feral Berserk.
Also aoe wise.

If you're alliance, then hit Worgen.
Horde, Troll.
no no no, Nelf all the way, i'd never pass up Shadowmeld for anything. the amount of times its saved a whole raid wipe and ppl running back in plus shadowmeld + flight form to escape anything. going to miss it when i reroll monk.

and if you intend to tank; nelf > every other race in wow. static +2% miss chance is the most powerful racial passive (for tank)
as i see it, depends on what youre gonna play as,nelf/tauren if ure gonna tank id say. the other 2 races for dpsing..
Made a troll druid, love it!!

(Nexum's alt)
there is no "best" race for class, the difference in racials is gonna be so small anyway. I recommend picking races with look good :

troll female
nelf female

the rest is not so good ;D
Made a male troll druid, UP THERE IN COMMENTS^^^^^^^^ (Yaamon)
Space Goat, when they get their goat form cat. You know it'll happen.
All races have good racials abilities, it mostly matters which ones you find more interesting and/or useful.


Worgen - 1% crit is primarily best for DPS, but it can also help you to maintain threat and increase the amount of Savage Defense procs. The Nature and Shadow resistance racial is more commonly useful than the Night Elf's Nature resistance-only racial. Gotta low the sprint ability aswell - 40% increased movement speed for 10 seconds? Yummy.

Night Elf - 2% less chance to be hit is amazing for tanks, probably the most useful druid tank racial at this point in the game. It could help out DPSers too, especially in PvP and in a smaller part PvE. Nature resistance is helpful regardless of if you're a tank or a DPS, situational, but helpful.


Tauren - Increased health is always tasty no matter what you do. Tauren also have a Nature resistance passive. War Stomp's stun is very situational, but I can think of at least a few boss fights were it can save your raid from a certain wipe.

Troll - 20% increased attack speed for 10 sec is like a smaller version of Heroism, extremely useful and advised to use whenever it's off CD. Regeneration helps in both PvP and PvE, but it is a very miniscule amount so I can't really tell you exactly how useful it is.
Trolls will always be rockin mon with da voodoo shuffle regeneration and berserk we always be da race that will bring da pain
Worgen for Alliance in regard to Feral DPS,
Night Elf for Alliance in regard to Feral Tanking.

Troll for Horde in regard to Feral DPS,
Tauren for Horde in regard to Feral Tanking.
I'd go Night elf for alliance pvp. And then troll for horde pvp.

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