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You can follow all Blizzard Entertainment Customer Support Europe news and updates on Twitter! We provide updates on maintenance, service issues and outages and we also endeavour to bring you the latest news and relevant support information on current world (of Warcraft) events.

The feed is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Italian and Polish.

Please follow and if you have any feedback for us regarding our Twitter feeds then you can e-mail it to

We like to use a lot of #tags on Twitter which help to spread our messages to as wide an audience as possible and also acts as a helpful consolidation tool for our community. Although the concept of #tags is a very natural one, and tags (and the way they are used) generally evolve over time, we do have a few set tags that we regularly use on our feeds.

To help newcomers and clear up any confusion, here is a list of the #tags we most commonly Tweet:

Universe tags:


Game tags:


Support tags:

#WoWtip – Helpful tips for #WoW!
#SC2tip – Helpful tips for #SC2!
#D3tip – Helpful tips for #D3! (Coming soon).
#CStip – Suggestions and advice on helping you get the most out of our support services and resources.
#maint – Maintenance. Primarily used to announce maintenance/rolling restart schedules and provide necessary updates during maintenance downtime.
#patchday – A special tag that we only use on #WoW patch days. This makes it easier to find and access all relevant information if you are experiencing issues with the latest patch.
#BlizzStore – Tweets referring to the Blizzard Store will use this tag.
#Bnet –! Obviously!
#WoWevent – Primarily used in relation to World of Warcraft’s seasonal in-game events.
#TotW – Thread of the Week. A chance to highlight a particularly useful or interesting thread from one of our support forums.
#safegaming – Educational Tweets, raising awareness of the importance of computer and account security.
#hotfix – If we need to communicate hotfix updates for #WoW, we will do it using this tag.

Fun tags:

#geekout – A chance to geek-out with us and the rest of the community about your love for Blizzard games.
#kudos – A tag to use when sharing your positive Blizzard CS experiences on Twitter.
#feedback – Self-explanatory. Does NOT refer to the Shaman spell.
#TriviaTuesday – A quick 1-day quiz about our games, support services or policies.

More to be added as required...

Designed to visualise the Blizzard Customer Support Experience and guide viewers through common issues and frequenlty asked questions, the Blizzard Customer Support YouTube Channel offers a host of fun and helpful videos. With captions in several languages and helpful links to other useful resources, you will find it beneficial to consult the channel before contacting our support teams.

Will add links of new videos as they are released...

If you have any feedback on the channel or any of the videos, feel free to add your comments on YouTube.
Additional Social Media Resources

These are community-based social network resources for our 4 current games.

  • VK

    Warcraft - RU
    Diablo - RU

Additionally, we have a dedicated @BlizzardCareers Twitter page for those of you interested in available positions here at Blizzard Entertainment.

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