Suggested Transmog for Dwarf Pally?

When I hit 85 I'm gonna set my aims on gearing up as well as doing my transmog set has anyone got any suggestions of obtainable transmog items, Preferably a gold set but if you have any suggestions please say.

The title says dwarf because some sets that may look good on humans dont look too good on a dwarf :P
you have lots of options, any of the paladin tier sets are good choices
Crystal forge is good for dorf's


t9 looks pretty sweet on dwarves and the helmet is beard friendly :P
the helmet is beard friendly :P

A must for any dorf out there!
Savage Gladiator's Redemption set, take the helm off and substitute in Ornate Saronite Skullshield, add Truthbreaker Shield from TH intro quest and the boots that you buy with Crusader's Seals (Stanchions of Unseatable Power, I think they're called).
Because shoulderplates always are kinda big on dorfs, i think the lawlbringer set combined with Dawnsteel Shoulders is a good looking transmog.

Don't show ur helm, so ur beard can hang free in the wind when riding ur golden charger.
Beer keg?Serious note, T6 suites anyone :)
Wazig, combining Lawbringer with anything else than Bananas on shoulders is a grave sin!
You won't want to go too over the top when it comes to bulk, especially on the helmet and/or shoulders. Having more bulky items there makes you look like you're a kid that tried to put on his daddy's armour. Your best bet would be sets like season 4 (the one I'm wearing now) or T4. These armour sets have a very distinct look and a great attention to detail without looking ridiculously oversized. You could also mix things up a little by combining T4 and T13 (normal mode) pieces, they go very well together.

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