assassination,sub or combat?

im not sure which spec to go,i mostly go sub because of the quick takedowns and more or less the recupperate's energy regen when you put the talents to it,but i am interested in assassination,i tried combat but it isn't my thing

any rogue players wanna recommend me a good spec?
It comes down to what you really like and what you want to do. Sub is fast paced, timer oriented (in PvE) quick burst and good survivability and it totally lacks all aoe whatsoever. It's also quite obvious pvp choice. Combat is easy, simple and yes, quite boring, but it's the best aoe rogue can do. It also has nice survivability and competetive dps even on single target. Assasination is little bit behind in dps at this moment, but so little that it doesn't matter. It's somewhere halfway between sub and combat, it's focused on poison damage and is overall very much fun to play.

I myself am running sub pve with combat off-spec for aoe situations.

Conclusion: All specs are good. Pick the one you like most and learn it well.
In theory, Subtlety will outdps Assassination. This is for every fight except Yor'Sahj by chance if you have only a few AoEers in your group. But as Adelheals said, Subtlety is quite hard to master.
I've used both Combat and Assassination as my Ultraxxion offspec (I'm mainly Subtlety).
What I've found is: after Subtlety, EVERYTHING is boring and mindless...

Assassination: dynamic rotation, you react to what procs you get to know which button to push next. However, you don't really press a button that often. Your main attack costs 55 energy after all and you don't have that much haste, venomous wounds procs are random and random will be a !@#$% sometimes.

Combat: boring boring rotation, you press the same buttons in the same order every cycle, but hey, your main attack is like 32 energy and you have high haste and off-hand energy procs. Gogo gadget spam! You have a lot to do here, but it's always the same damn thing.

Subtlety: dynamic rotation, cheap CP attacks, high haste, lots of timers to watch, lots of different buttons. You have a lot to do and it's always different.

Sub basically combines the fun elements of the first two with complexity and unforgiving nature being the downsides.

I'm probably going to switch my offspec back to Combat simply because I can no longer stand the slow-paced button presses of Assassination.
23/04/2012 10:12Posted by Nyarah
Subtlety: dynamic rotation

Ah, if only any of them were. :)
What do you mean? That you think it isn't?
I suppose you're correct, you know which button you'll be pressing next because the timers are fixed. By dynamic I mean that you have a varied order in which you cycle through your finisher due to their different durations. :)
Aye, at least it's a bit more varied. Like you, I find assassination to be a slow-as-hell bore, and combat to be a faceroll smash; sub is the saving grace.

Here's hoping MoP doesn't turn it all into the over-simplified boredom that suspect it will!
well thanks for the feedback,so for main spec i will go sub and offspec well...i will give assassination a try,but if i won't like it then only sub for me :)
23/04/2012 13:00Posted by Jasek
well thanks for the feedback,so for main spec i will go sub and offspec well...i will give assassination a try,but if i won't like it then only sub for me :)

Just remember that if you go assa as OS, you really have to reforge your gear. Playing assa with sub reforges.. urgh.
Yep, I switched my offspec to Combat because it has nearly the same stat weights and I couldn't be arsed to maintain a complete and equal set of gear for Assassination. Even when I realised I had 6 or 7 previously replaced 397 pieces in my bank, reforging just those pieces still didn't put me at the hit cap and only at about 14 mastery, which is pitiful for Assassination. I did like 28K DPS as combat in my guild 10-man, and didn't even manage 24K as Assassination in an LFR run.
Now 28K as combat is already bad, but that's purely because I never really practiced it and was just messing around, user error all the way. However, I've played Assassination for months this xpac so I had no major L2P issues, just a bit of rust. The 24K as Assassination was 90% gear related and unless you keep 2 full sets of gear reforged and gemmed and enchanted, one of your specs will suffer massively for it.

If you don't want an already slightly-less DPS spec do very very bad, you either really go for Assassination or you ignore it completely.
im probably gonna go assassination just to see it's playstyle or for what i do on my server: rp reasons or something,basiacly i don't give a damn about teh dee pee ess
let him get to lvl 85, before you talk about reforge and all that..
i find assa or combat the way to go for a lvler, simply because you dont have to be behind the target, which you mostly need as a sub
Sub for PVP, combat for PVE
24/04/2012 09:58Posted by Kloonikex
Sub for PVP, combat for PVE

but...combat suuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks!
doesnt suck, more like boooring.. anyway sub aint for pvp only...

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