What's the first thing you do when MoP comes out?

I dont know if there been a thread like this before( and if there was here's another one :D).... so like the title says what's the first thing you will do after MoP comes out( i mean in-game obviously)....
As for me, I will go out farming and makes tons of gold and be the next leader of the Bildgewater Cartel ( Muhahaha).... :P
Try to log in for 4 hours straight till I get bored and go play something else.
make pandaran monk and start from fresh
22/04/2012 00:15Posted by Goblinutzu
what's the first thing you will do after MoP comes out( i mean in-game obviously)....

As starting area will be pretty much full of people Questing, collecting Herbs or Ores..

..I'll start by gathering Archaeology items and make some good profit with Keystones.
Racing about who taps the mob first. Hopefully alot of world PvP with chaos and misery.
Level my death knight to 90, and get it geared ASAP.
Probably get my !@# kicked by a monk in PvP and then wonder how long they are going to be OP for.
make panda and fap
Probably start up a belf monk or pandaren rogue, but not really worry about them getting speedy beginnings cos of the number of folks around.
For the first week I'm usually just dipping in and around, really.
Then when it's a bit more cleared out (ha!) level this one on to 90.
Still not sure im going to bother with it, going to read the reviews first on the game play etc., and if it is faster, easier etc., than cata then i will not bother.
What I'll do first?
Get collectors editon, and then wait 12 hours while it gets installed.
Retire my epics with a tear in my eye and slip in to some brand new greens.
I will spam the login button for 1-3 hours like I did when cata came out ;) other than that I will level my Moonkin Druid or Death Knight.
Buy it.
I intend to take my time soaking up the new lore presented in the various new quests strewn about Pandaria, so I'll be taking a measured approach to the questing experience. If it's too busy to be able to comfortably take my time, I'll probably focus on the pet battle system and travel the game world collecting some new pets for my collection.

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