2 Re-rollers looking for a new home

Looking for Players – PvE
Me and a friend are looking for a new home on a new server.

We're planning to re-roll for a fresh new start.

What we're looking for is a guild ( on any server ) which is preferably mixed with both PvP and PvE as we both like a bit of this and a dash of that ;)
It doesn't have to be a hardcore guild, as we both have our lives as well, but some proper general knowledge of the members would be appreciated :)

We're both experienced in DS normal ( only a few in Heroic ) and aren't any special in arena experience. We do offer nice personalities and we're fun guys to hang out with.

We both have working headsets to make use of voice chat.

We're willing to roll a class which meets the guild's needs, ofcourse we have our personal preferences :

Personally :
Holy pally

Friend :
druid feral tank

We'd love to hear from a guild soon!



We are Dark Mythology.
A big friendly guild with a strong raiding team.
Our goal is to have fun but when we are raiding take it serious.
At the moment we are 8/8 normal & 1/8 heroic.

What we are looking for: Holy paladin/Mage so if you choice our guild should be good if you choice this 2 classes.

We also have old classic raids and fun runs.
Dark Mythology is a lvl 25 guild with a long experience.

Do you have any questions? just ask :)

my realid: philip_gus@live.se
Hi there Twiggly and friend,

I am an officer in the new re-roll guild, Vexis on Alliance Neptulon.

We were formed within the past month and have now a steady group of core members, from a range of different backgrounds; a couple new, but the majority with some experience in raiding and pvp.

We currently have a level cap at 60, which will be increasing in the next 2 weeks.

I'd advise you to read our recruitment posts:

http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/3553599495 (original thread)
http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/3686610930 (latest thread)

I'm currently rather busy in real life, but don't hesitate to reply on the guild thread, or contact me, Naebia, Zeliana or Elinthe in-game. I will hopefully be online tomorrow afternoon.

Best of Luck with your decision. I hope to speak with you soon.


Also, in regards to your preferred raiding slots, we as a guild, would love if you were to roll a holy paladin and a shaman (enhancement), which suits both of your preferred needs.

Again, thanks.

Hey Twig,

Amicus is a new late-night guild on Hellscream. We'd love to offer you both a slot in our guild as Rogue and Enhancement shaman.

23:30 - 2:30 Server time on Sunday/Wed/Thursday.If late night raiding isn't for you, we wish you the best of luck with your guild search :).
I'm sorry, we're not that interested in late night raiding. Thanks for the offer though!

We'd love to see some more replies!
Updated classes and we're looking for both Alliance and Horde now!
Brotherhood of the north on Stormrage started out in TBC as a social/leveling guild by some irl friends. About 6-7 moths ago half of our roster quit the game and I took over as gm.

I started to recruit new members because I wanted to start 10 man raiding and do an occasional arena or bg aswell. I also refused to see the only guild I ever been a part of go under.

We are now about 12 active players in the guild and are forming a raid team(a couple of roles still short). We are adults in the agespan between 20 and 52, with different experience of gamecontent. Some have raided before, some have not and some have only done LFR. Some of us have childeren/family and do have other thing in life sometimes, but we see our selves as active players. Our prime time is evenings weekdays and weekends.

We are a friendly bunch of guys that puts friendship and fun playtime in the first room. Progress comes after. Most our members is from Britain as it is now, but we also have swedish and dutch members.

Feel free to contact me on my RealID: dortoft@telia.com
or contact any of our officers below.


Thank you and good luck in your search
Hi Twig, Come and check us out, we are a new Guild on Moonglade though we don't RP. Sevral RL Friends and lots on in-game friends too, we are active and social - come over on an alt and see if you like us.
We are just getting started Raiding and having fun in BG's too

Hi we are Legion of Justice on Shadowsong. We are an Ally guild that are mainly social but have also cleared normal DS and working on clearing heroic.

We have a number of people who do PvP and though not a big part of guild life at the moment I am working on getting more people to get involved. Take a look at our website at

24/04/2012 00:01Posted by Twiggly
Updated classes and we're looking for both Alliance and Horde now!

Just to continue, we are also interested in a mage, which therefore still meet your interest.

I'll be online in the next 30mins.

24/04/2012 13:30Posted by Tueri
Updated classes and we're looking for both Alliance and Horde now!

Just to continue, we are also interested in a mage, which therefore still meet your interest.

I'll be online in the next 30mins.


Hey m8 !
If you are interested in joining a casual raid guild you should consider IX. We are located at the server Twising Nether and raid Monday and Wednesday 20:30-23:30 server time. Our curent progress is 1/8 HC due to a break we had during winter. We are going to start raiding in full steam again when MOP hits.
We are in a desperate need for a tank, so your friend will be needed as the feral tank. I'm not sure which of your characters will be the best.
So if you are interested you can apply on www.ixclan.co.uk or you can w me in-game.
Have fun, hope to hear from you again !
Dude wheres my murloc alliance guild on mazrigos

mostly social members generally like to have a chat and a laugh while questing and running dungeons....we have a fledgling raid team..... and a few couples that play.....
a real mix of young and old with a dash of this and that in between.....no pressure just laughs and support give me a /w or mail in game and we can have a chat :D
Hey, as tueri said we sound like a perfect fit for you two!

Whisper me (Zeliana, Zelio) or Elinthe, Naebia or ofcourse Tueri :)
Lesser Gods may be a guild you wish to consider, however, we are a pure PvE guild (although some of our members do organise some PvP on non-raiding nights).

We are rebuilding our 25 man roster for the remains of Dragon Soul and MoP, following a server transfer.

We've raided 25 man since the beginning of TBC and this we hope will never change. We are semi-casual; striving to find a pleasant balance between progress and enjoyment.

We raid Thursday/Sunday/Monday, 20:30-23:30 (server time).

Visit Lessergods.eu or contact an officer for more information.

If you chose to apply we would be more interested in the player, and not the class, so we would certainly be able to come to an agreement with regards your rerolls.

Good luck finding a happy home,


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