Please help me!

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I have WoW 3.3.5a and I can't enter. ->

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
Runtime error!
Program D:\*****\World of Warcraft\wow.exe
Floating point support not loaded
Hi Incredable,

Please apply and install all updates found.

Make sure you reboot your computer.

Does this help? :)
You mean when I update Internet Explorer it will be fix?
Honestly? Yes! :)

The Launcher relies on Internet Explorer to connect to the internet. For example, if you set Internet Explorer to Work Offline mode, the Launcher will cease to run correctly. Please don't use this to abuse your friends! ;)

So I'd certainly ask that you ensure you perform all updates - regardless of how important Windows considers them to be - as this is very much a Windows error and not a World of Warcraft one.
Didn't worked :X
I don't use Launcher !! Just wow.exe
29/04/2012 20:18Posted by Incredable
I don't use Launcher !! Just wow.exe

Well that's the problem, then.

The Launcher is what you should be using.
I don't have it :X
Run the repair tool, should download a new launcher for you. :)
Dammit, he did switch to Unholy Presence! D:

What Ewojil said.
The repair is the same. Runtime error R6002
Can I ask for the filepath?

The location of my World of Warcraft is a nice and tidy C:\World of Warcraft\
My C:\ disk is 13 GB .. It's D:\WoW\World of Warcraft
Hi there,

Can you please install this update:

Then see if you get the same messages?

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