Stuck on Connecting...

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Not only Diablo 3 is not connecting, but also WoW is stuck at Connecting.

anyone else having same issue?

Same here for myself as well.. off to play single.. oh wait.
Yes, got dc'd from diablo and tried to log wow. Stuck on connecting as well
exact same here
yep wow stuck on connecting
Thanks for giving me a boat to sit in, no longer feel isolated :P
same here too
Posting in what's gonna be the next huge thread lols
Battle net logging servers are quite busy in these days :D
thought was the only one, freaked out :p
SAme here
I'm with you guys!
World is coming down on me.. Can't... Pllaaayy..... Nooooo.......
almost 12 years to prepare for D3 and servers are crashing! ooooh the irony..
Same here
Same here, logged in breifly to wow, managed to craft something and send to an alt, then DC'd and can't reconnect. Tried resetting modem and what have you, nowt happening.
Oh joy, this gives me time to do the dishes.

Oh joy..
WoW's back
Same issue here, stuck on connecting.

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