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Hello there, my name is Shadowmourne, after the Legendary Axe from the ICC questchain.
I've been twinking at level 70 for ages on Azzinoth - Frostwhisper, my 70 Death Knight.
Now I have decided besides achievement farming on him, I also wanted to get another Legendary DK twink. Although getting the glaive set on Azzi took me over 1,5 year, I never gave up hope.
Now, I'm going for Shadowmourne, but it seems it's going to be tough as there seem to be so many people playing these days, unaware of what ICC really stands for. What the previous expansion endgame really was like.
Therefore, I'm looking for other level 80 twinks, who have the same goal as me: enjoy a level 80 character in PvP AND PvE while trying to achieve certain things.
My question for you all is: Is there a decent level 80 twinking guild out there who can help me on my quest towards obtaining the one and only almight Shadowmourne? Is there any guild that still does weekly ICC HC runs?
If you can help me - or you know someone - feel free to respond or talk to me ingame.

May our long lost brothers in arms who have died while fighting for what they believed in, for the safety of our people and those of the Alliance, strenghten your souls, so that no scourge will ever shall rule our world again and making our true allies into our most feared enemies. May our guardian angels rest in peace, we shall never forget. We never shall..forget. Bless you, Arthas.

Shadowmourne / Azzinoth - Frostwhisper PvP
Now i don't doubt that there's 80 twinks, BUT i do doubt that you'll have many followers, rare to find 80 twinks, Very rare indeedy.
If you need someone to play with, we got a nice 80 twink guild on our realm
What Chakotay said.

We are currently not enough to go 25man ICCs, but will be!
<Atleast we had Stables> is a guild on Grim Batol Alliance always recruiting new twinks to join us.

Drustixz Herald of the Titans
<Atleast we had Stables>
I'm happy to join you Shadowmourne!
ghostlands server doesnt have a 80twink guild :/, i need one
Hmm seems interesting im in for leveling a cahr with a twink guild on any realm any offer to take me?!
this guy is good.

he was FC during glorydays of "the dream team" undefetable 70 rbg team.
Hi Shadowmourne. We have a level 80 twink guild on Tarren Mill called We are Legendary. Currently we are recruiting for raids, rBG's and arenas. You can check out theofficialfrixxy's channel on youtube for our recruitment video "The new 80 twink". We like to help our non 80 members to get to level 80 and get the best gear for them(PvE only atm). So if you want to talk you can add my email and we can talk by real id(sencer.suer@gmail.com).
I'll be happy to raid as a lvl 80, This is my twink i have ICC gear and HC bryntroll :D
Hello, I am very interested of these twinking guilds, I am a twink myself, are any of these guilds still up and recruiting?
If somone of you are still looking for more join my guild at Grim Batol.

''Elder Heroes''

Our members are active and we just created this guild.
We are getting really close to start raiding :) pure 80 styre ofc.

In PvP you can do whatever you want.

-Elróndir (PvP Master)
Are any of you guys still recruiting? I happen to have the same objective as Shadowmourne (who wouldn't, given the opportunity, right?), though still working my way to level 80, so a twinking guild would really come in handy. Either that or the possibility to do cross-realm raids via battle tag invites.
So if anybody out there fancies helping a somewhat selfish elfish death knight, feel free to answer =D
<Atleast we had Stables> is a guild on Grim Batol Alliance always recruiting new twinks to join us.

Are you guys still active?
Hi 80 twink here fairly active, love to do bgs and raids with you, add my battleid if interested, Mummat#2331
hey I've had almost every 80 twink class there can be , but its been a while so im rusty , is 80 prot paladins still the best soling class? and anyone know if there is a vengeance cap?
Hello Shadowmourne.

I myself, went into the 80 twinking side. I'd spent ages as a 70 twink being the best on my server at the time, then decided there was nothing else to do so levelled.

There are PLENTY of 80 twinks they're just spread between factions and realms. Nowdays, more and more people are going 80 and what with the gear from Cata / MoP It's all easier to be the best geared.

It took me a lifetime to get my warrior to where it is, However it's done. I'm missing 4 items for BiS 1 from ICC 25 HC, 3 from RS 25 HC. I have Shadowmourne and it took SO long, The infusions were a nightmare and farming the shards was a pain as people just saw it as what it was, a boost.

I bid you all the best with your farming and if you stick to it, I have the utmost of respect for you.


Feel free to drop me a mail, Message or something if you need anything. - If you manage to find this PvP guild and such, Let me know!


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