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Hey, guys!
Hope this is the right section... I wanted to ask you all: are there any other cosplayers around here? Personally, I love cosplaying and I've already mixed my this passion with my passion for WoW, making Arthas' armor last year with my girlfriend as Jaina, with the outfits from WC3.

Let's share all our creations!

(This is a link of a nice picture we took
Great job !
Wah thank you!!!! **
i have to say, that is 1 perfect cosplay :O
not realy a big fan of it, but great job making those :)
That looks epic! I started making some cosplay some time ago, but never managed to finish it. I was making the Mage tier 12 gear. Cool to see some other cosplayers on EU =)
Oooh you should finish it!!! I'd like to see it!! Thanks to both of you for grats :)
I've always wanted to do a Mountaineer cosplay, But I think i'd look silly and too tall. Haha. Great job. lots of cosplays out there.

I've been tempted to try Nozdormu though.
Nozdormu is amazing!!! I'm currently thinking about cosplaying my own character and making the vicious war wolf 1/1 scale to mount :P
Cosplaying isn't my cup of tea but you both look adorable and done a great job with the outfits.

I do a Pandaren monk cosplay . But people who don't know warcraft call me kung fu panda
Not a cosplayer , but I went to comic con now I want to cosplay

thinking of Making a ARthas ( as a lich king ) Cosplay.

however I need help, I have ideas for every thing apart from the shoulders
Arthas was my first cosplay ever :D
Here it is my trio from WOTLK btw i have won the local convention but my Arthas sucks :D as it's my first work ever, your Arthas looks great

Here is the link: ( )
Awesome work there!
Love the details of the weapons and on the armour of Arthas in particular.
Great job!

Have you brought you work to Gamescom or Blizzcon before? Perhaps something to consider in the future!

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