2v2 Arena team???

Hi guys, I am kinda new to Locks, and are starting an arena team in MoP. Is there any 2v2 combination you guys could recomend?? And maybe some tactics??

I am Destructin at the moment, and I am planning on being Affliction/Demonology for MoP.
Warlock + Hunter works for me greatly even tho, i don't have any useful buff for hunter.

Im kinda new aswel and would be glad to hear good compinations. (Im from the good old Vanilla times)
Affli lock + shadow priest
Affli lock + resto shaman
Affli lock + disc priest
Destro lock + Frost mage
Destro lock + rogue
Destro lock + feral

That's all I can remember.
07/06/2012 06:08Posted by Rashj
arena team in MoP.

Far too early imo. Depending on how good the classes will be back then I plan on running:


and to annoy ppl: affli/rshammy :--)))
demonology and retri pala <3
demonology and retri pala <3

Let me guess, and you are stuck at 1.2 rating.

Affli + Shaman is best.

Destro + Other dps works fine as well but not as good as Affli + Shaman, but still nothing can be to competitive as Affli + Shaman. But it requires a great deal of skill to do anything proper after 1.8 mmr.
09/08/2012 03:10Posted by Zauxst
Let me guess, and you are stuck at 1.2 rating.
You must have a lot of friends.

Destro/Whatever my friends level.
Affli / monk but I don't see me playing anymore.
Affli + Rsham
Affli + Disc priest

Those are the comps I feel are the strongest for locks in 2s

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