ICC10 Achievement [Been Waiting a Long Time for This]

Looking for Players – PvE
LF Players who are interested to get the achievement Been Waiting a Long Time for This. Preferably Level 85 and would much appreciate if others will be willing to help me (And as well as them) to get the achievement.
If possible, we need some experienced players who know the tactics for each part of the achievement so in case any one is interested , feel free to post here. Im not trying to exploit other players for their knowledge because i know its better to experience it rather than let other s do most of the work but im willing to learn everything i can. I have had some bad experience with pugging players in my realm because if the raid gets wiped, players who are unfamiliar with the tactics gets called a noob and eventually they all start to leave instead of trying to help out by explaining things further in detail. No one likes a wipe but instead of helping each other, they tend to insult one anothers mistakes.

My IGN is Acejo - Burning Legion Realm (PVP).
Feel free to post here anything that would help and those interested to join me. Im not really familiar with the cross realm invites but i think its possible.

Im usually online by 6PM (Have work in the morning). Will take all achievements step by step, no rushing.

Thanks all
Hey Acejo,

I also would like to finish (I have half of those from old days when ICC was still current one) done and PuGs for this (ones I have been at least) are usually miserable.

If we get enough attendants it would be nice to give this a go.

Just 2 manned this fight. It was pretty hard, wiped like twice but done. Did it with holy pally. We let all the adds stay up and when dispelled the Necro it jumped to the adds and killed them. The problem is when the healer got the debuff it dispells and jumps to the trash what got instant kill from the high stuck and it jump on the tank. Purgatory saved my life.
we did a mistake under the fight cuz I didnt dps LK just agroed the adds and when we reached the 30 debuff lk was on 90 % so needed to nuke him down but healer died after getting 35 stucks:D

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