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What does #showtooltip acctualy mean in macro, i never use it ?
If that appears at the beginning of a macro it changes the macro tooltip from the name of the macro to the tooltip of the first ability in the macro. Also, if that macro has the ? icon, it will use the first abilities icon as well.


/cast [help] Greater Heal

The above will show the tooltip for Greater Heal when you mouse over it.

Alternatively, you can specificy the spell name and use the same type of conditionals in the showtooltip line that you can use in the actual macro.

For example:

#showtooltip Sap
/cast Shadowstep
/cast Sap

If you did not include the "Sap" part next to the showtooltip, it would have shown shadowstep's tooltip.
As well as showing the tooltip for the spell you either specify in conditionals after the #showtooltip or further down in the macro, if you use the "?" as the icon for the macro, it changes the icon to match that of the item or spell in the tooltip
It shows the tooltip and (if ? is the icon) the icon of the spell that will be used.

This is especially useful for cast sequences and conditional macros.

/cast [nomod] Blessing of Kings
/cast [mod] Blessing of Might

Will show bok or bom icon/tooltip depending upon whether a modifier is pressed.

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