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Hey guys, Im currently planning and laying out a machinima in the near future. It will be based around a disco/rave music video in side the Cathedral in Stormwind City. For this to work I am needing about 30 people plus, to generate the disco/rave feel. The chosen music for this video...

For those who are wondering I do have experience in machinima as my Guild promotional video was featured on WoW Insider. ( Unfortunately , the went quiet and isn't active any more. I also did a mini montage for a close friend of mine. ( And my most recent video which I admit could be much better, as I only spent a few hours on it. ( - This is just to prove that I am experienced and this will not be a waste of time!

Back to the machinima, It will be set on the 22nd of June on the Moonglade EU (Alliance) server, at 7:00PM Realm time. If you are willing to join please whisper/mail me in game or reply to this forum thread. I will replay back to this thread after the video is released with a link to the video.

Thanks for reading, and your help. :)

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