It happened... It REALLY happened...

Ok you can q as DPS then get a satchel,,,, but has anyone ever gotten that darn thing?? I Q as Tank like a miljon times when that thing is supposed to be given to the tank,,, meeh never get it :/ WHY? nerd dks for it pls
voodoo magic is at play.
Happened to me too, but got no screenshot :e

Opposite day!
That. Must. Have. Been. Photoshoped.

I do see it but i honestly do not believe my eyes right now.
15/06/2012 17:37Posted by Doomsinger

I call photoshop. :o


My one true love...

Off topic, and maybe you won't see it anyway, but nevertheless gz on your MVP.
Yogg-Saron has leaked into the very core of Random Dungeon Finder! Madness will consume any who open up the satchel. IT'S A TRAP. Or a conspiracy scheme where Blizzard are slowly killing off the DPS one by one, so only I am left, the supreme ruler of everything (Because Blizz love me that way) and I will get a satchel every time, always containing items like Frostmourne, Ashbringer, and a special hammer from another dimension -- Mjolnir!
i have 100% experienced this for myself twice as a dps (and yes i got the sacks from it both times) so i think it could be geniune.
16/06/2012 12:10Posted by Killerhippie
i have 100% experienced this for myself twice as a dps (and yes i got the sacks from it both times) so i think it could be geniune.

Really? I never have. D:

I thought I saw it once, but when I logged Doomsinger it was only for Healers and I assumed I had been mistaken... I wonder how often this occurs. I can only imagine it's at unholy hours when there's hardly anyone online.

16/06/2012 07:02Posted by Làdysylvanas
maybe you won't see it anyway

I did - thanks! :)
Mother of god..
Fate in World of Warcraft, restored.

yep i honestly did i was so stunned i had to q i was already capped for the week(only reason i i opened dungeon finder was to check if i was capped have 7 85s so i do tend to forget) but hell free bags i had to!

edit. it happened for me at around 2am uk time and was months ago but im always on the look out for it to happen again
I call shenanigans!
Indeed, it is extremely rare to find this but it does happen. I opened up the Dungeon Finder on my mage on the PTR a few patches ago, and found that the Call to Arms role was DPS. I did have to blink to make sure my eyes weren't deceiving me and sure enough, it was there. I did the dungeon and got the satchel, as a DPS.

It's possibly more likely to happen on the PTR, though, because most people play DPS and the PTR is often used for trying out new classes and roles, so there's probably more tanks on PTR than on live. Even so, it was impressive.

So I'm not going to call photoshopped on this one.
Looks like people have been on /r/wow/.

That said, I would love to see that happen more often. Not because it means I get more gold when I queue up, more because this game needs more tanks and healers.
Here's one for you, I queued as for a random as a DPS at 42 and got one instantly, and it wasn't because someone left, it was from the start!
That cant be way...
OH MY GOD!! IT HAPPENED!! IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED!! <weeps quietly> Seriously, I didn't even know that was possible?...
Witchcraft, dark magic! Prepare the pitchforks and torches! Prepare a stake! We must root this evil out! I can live with dots and fireballs and maneating trolls but this goes too far!

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