If you could change 1 thing in WoW.

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I would remove this thread as 90% of suggestions are plain QQ...Why do people who didn't like 2 previous expansions and crying about next one even still playing? Is it enjoyable for you to pay for something you don't enjoy I don't get it...
If I could change one thing...

I would remove crippling poison, kidney shot and gauge.
^If that counts as more than one thing I would just remove rogues.
I would nerf mages....TO THE GROUND!
If I could change one thing...

I would remove crippling poison, kidney shot and gauge.
^If that counts as more than one thing I would just remove rogues.

Grant myself the ability to transmog anything to anything regardless of weapon/armour type or whether I owned it or not.

Or make it so that hunters can tame chickens.
I'd also like blizz to merge lowpop servers, a little thought however... People asking for blizzard to merge servers, its pretty hard doing this right in the middle of an expansion, if they do it it probably have to happen at the start or end of an expansion considering im pretty arena ladders and whatnot would reset. Maybe they will do it when this pvp season ends?
Ingame UI customisation
'Take all' option on mailbox
Give us a good reason to hang out somewhere other than Stormwind/Orgrimmar
Delete all worgens
Give orcs less ridiculous shoulders
Stop the bones showing through forsaken armor
Give male draenei better legs
Hide enchant on weapons option
Remove requirement to be in a party when entering raid instance

The UI and mailbox thing can be fixed with downloading the right add ons.

Worgens are fine and if they had their own capital I'd be more than happy.

Orcs would lose all appeal. I read about a bug somewhere that decreased the shoulder size of orcs. You didnt see a lot of orcs those days.

But that's exactly what makes the forsaken so appealing. They would look way too normal otherwise. And my skin shows through some armour too.

Agree on the male draenei thing. I would switch to draenei if they looked a bit like this

The enchant option is good but the raid entering requirement? What for..?

I don't see it having any purpose as mobs inside raids don't even give experience.

The only thing I would love to see is merging low populated servers. It's ridiculous that Blizzard forces those poor individuals to pay so they can actually do a decent raid. A pug never happens on low pop servers and the economy is just sad. I don't get it why Blizzard forces them to pay for server migration. The MoP zoning won't help out that much as the economy will stay the same and no realm bonding is made whatsoever.
I would completely remove all guild perks and levels.
Remove Blood Elves.

I was loyal to the Horde in Vanilla, back when it was mature(r), smaller, had a closer knit-community and won almost every Battleground.

Then all the kids rerolled their Nelf Hunters into Belf Paladins. Ugh.
I would make pve gear bad in pvp.
The health & mana pools. Or stats in general.

Tanks with horrible gear (at level 90, obviously) will have over 600.000 health. It has gone mental. I'm sure at the end of Mists of Pandaria, a normal DPS will have more than a million health.

This is absolutely nuts.
The health & mana pools. Or stats in general.

Tanks with horrible gear (at level 90, obviously) will have over 600.000 health. It has gone mental. I'm sure at the end of Mists of Pandaria, a normal DPS will have more than a million health.

This is absolutely nuts.

I agree. They did actually consider having a 'stat crunch' to reduce stats but decided against it. I guess people like big numbers. Doesn't bother me when I'm playing Skyrim with my sword that does 39 damage :p
15/06/2012 22:56Posted by Rorcanna
Remove all the expansions to go back to vanilla

Good thing you and the likes of you are not in charge then. Newsflash, you can never recreate the past. Vanilla was broken, tedious, filled with unpolished mechanics. The one thing making it special was that it was new. To someone else ( me for example) that feeling came from WOTLK, or TBC, or even Cataclysm these days. It can never be recreated and moving backwards is ALWAYS that, nothing more.

On topic:

I would put myself as the leader of everything concerning the production of WoW for 1 day, force changes and then resign my position making them bound by law to never change it back or destroy it again in the areas I altered :3 (one of those being to never heed to the whiners wanting flying mounts removed). I'd also make sure to give my character every mount that's ever existed and ever will be before resigning :D.

Yeah sure thats why Lock shaman XXXX comps have been dominating PvP pretty much. It's even more broken, pvp , nowdays then in Vanilla tbh. PvP got worse, arenas are terribly unbalanced and locks usually have in rated battlegrounds about 1.5x the dps of other people and in some cases even twice as much. Because this isn't a 1 vs 1 game but a teamgame, blizzard focuses on team balance. However this is very poorly done because 3's aren't balanced , 5's aren't and RBG isn't by far (even though you need to be pretty decent and high to notice the imbalances in RBG so you can abuse them).

TBC brought some good things and made raiding more serious and much harder then it was. Raids were hard and it wasn't like Molten Core which you could accomplish with 3-4 people d/c if that happened in TBC raiding you pretty much whiped and in general the difficulty rose.

WotLK had Ulduar which is imo the best raid ever created and introduced interesting 10 and 25 man content which I liked. The only time when it gone really downhill was in the ToC patch which had a to easy raid ( the normal mode was actually easier then ulduar normal mode while giving better gear and the heroic mode was easier then ulduar hard modes to... ). Then with ICC came the dungeon finder which killed social interaction and made the game go pretty much down the crapper in favor of casual players.

Then came Cata where Blizzard tried to aim once again for the hardcore players who were still dissatisfied with all these tools. This failed miserably due to a number of factors including that they wanted to make it accesible for everyone and thus not having a specified group to where they make the raid difficulty decisions on.

The only one who can get it right these days seems to be Riot Games who make League of Legends and usually their decisions make sense 9/10 times for pro gamers while they stimulate casual gamers to improve ( so they can beat champions like Tryndamere for example who may seem OP to a noob, he is in fact UP to a very skilled player ). I really see lack of the target audience in every Blizzard product released after Wrath of the Lich King patch 3.2 and not just WoW but Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 as well.
Montly fee deleted.
allow to queue for BGs and LFD and LFR at the same time.

(I think MoP will allow this but 5+ months to wait is too long).
i would add the paladin and shaman class to gnomes!
15/06/2012 11:42Posted by Talyria
Remove LFD and make people travel the zones again, I understand the possibilities of summoning with HGWT and warlocks but not everyone haves the "luxury" for those seeing the CD on the guild-provided spell and the still rare locks.

Hopefully that would bring more players out into the "world" instead of being confined to the big cities. I would like that even though it's alot easier to use dungeon finder.
Two things
1) remove Looking for Dungeon and Looking for Raid options. Raids were the last thing that would make someone get out of stormwind/orgrimar. Now when you hit 10 level you just run dungeons ,bgs and you are 85 in a week. Also this would require you to gather groups, bringing the old community, which is the reason I started this game, back.
2) make a realm or something without pandas dks for those qqers so they can just leave us be. I'm bored of people hating dks. WE'RE HERE TO STAY DEAL WITH IT OR LEAVE THIS GAME FOREVER.
That's all.
Bring back Vanilla old PVP system, but more easier and without loosing ranks and without obtaining gear. Just for fun and ranks.
I don't know if this counts, and I'm not trying to attack anyone here, but the community.

The majotity of people just seems to stand out immature,rude and self absorbed.

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