I'm bored.

Somebody knows a pretty good time sink that a casual solo player can do, that is pretty rewarding?

I hope there will be quests or something in MoP, like a long quest chain wich is easy but really long. So people like me can do it and still be pretty proud over doing something cool.

But still don't want to hardcore raid or pvp...
You could try finding fun achievements to do and just go achievement hunting! Or if you have never tried it before RP can be surprisingly fun!
There's always Achievement hunting. That's long and rewarding.

But it's not my cup of tea, either.

Blizzard needs to implement something to do besides pvp and pve.

Something that's actually fun.
Soloing old raids, Achievement hunting and Midsummer is coming up on Thursday.
I'd say play something else and wait it out until MoP, that's what i am doing atleast.
I level up proffs,do achievements or be social in goldshire
Alright thanks people for the tips! :D
Gank people outside Bootybay, like the good ol' days
log of the game and go outside
PvP! It's the only part of the game that doesnt turn stale after a while.

Hitting the same loot pinata's every week gets old really fast, and fighting other players is challenging and fun every time!
Try to solo every lich king heroic

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