Rate the transmog above you!

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2/10, would rework everything there

the color is bit disturbing

Gold! Only I wear that well!
10/10 you wear that gold better than anyone.
6/10 put some clothes on
me like 8/10
Barely anything transmogged m8/m8, but i give a 8/10, very druidy
7/10 i realy do like your transmogs but it feels like something is missing hehe
New to Frostmane, Hi all.

6/10. Love the colour scheme and the weapons are incredible however I would rework the feet and belt!
7/10 no robes on hunter plz :(
He's a beautiful flower and you know it.

9/10 because dwarf. But the high-res weapons looks weird with that gear
1/10 Because all Rets should wear pink.
2/10, because all dogs should be naked
Hair is 10/10. Transmog 3/10 as it looks like a school uniform.
Have to go with grimzie here 2/10 all dogs should be naked !
Not seen this transmog much as it's usually eating dirt. I'll give it 6/10 as it's slightly camp.

I'll give you 10/10 for spamming trade though.

Well done.
Draenei shouldn't adorn themselves with skulls.
0/10 not even the pink beard and hair can save this xmog from the lowest possible score
No need to get upset Kelami.

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