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im just thinking here, in MoP theyre making it so 1h and 2h frost dks play a little differently via obliterate vs frost strike... the problem is isnt this effectively starting to go the way of ferals... just they were tank+dps in one spec rather than dps+different dps

i mean there probably will be some point when one spec gets the other nerfed because they cant reduce damage beyond the point that makes their seperate main attacks useless especially for 2h frost dks...

if it turns out obliterate is quite powerful and they nerf it right down then ppl may once again end up using howling blast spam just with plague strikes instead of necrotics

then if howling blast ends up getting nerfed then dual wield suffers... however i suppose this isnt quite as big an issue the other way around since theres nothing to really do with runic power so dual wielders get the short end of the stick either way

anyway, trying to balance 2-hand and dual wielding into one tree AND make them fight differently really doesnt make for a recipe of success...

we will probably end up with the situation of one is way better, or both are rather mediocre

effectively what im hearing from this is "hey guys heres ur blood dps, but its frost so dont regen... enjoy!"
Its not suprising when you think back to how we started out with a tanking/dps option for each tree with frost leaning towards tanking a bit more than the rest

I think the way things are heading we'll end up simular to warriors, a tree for tanking, dw and 2h respectively simply because while it may or may not be popular for us, from the developers pov its easier for them to tweak it around/balance it

Just the way things go in time
From what I was gathering, the main problem with 2H/DW balance at the moment is that the most effective way seems to be constant switching ('twisting') of weapons depending on the circumstances (runes, buffs, proccs, etc)
The devs however are aware of that problem and will probably introduce further changes to make this kind of play undesirable while trying to keep both competitive..

Frost DK Weapon Twisting: We’re looking for a more elegant way to solve this, but may end up just disabling Threat of Thassarian and Might of the Frozen Wastes for ~10 sec whenever you swap weapons. Obviously, the weapon twisting behavior is not what we want to encourage; we want Frost DKs to choose either DW or 2H, and stick with that choice (and have them be competitive choices).


However, I personally think (hope ^^) that DW will end up quite good actually, at least judging by how things are looking right now.. less dependence on NS will actually benefit us DWers, and currently Obliterate + FS in FP seems to be a reasonable way of destroying stuff..
I thought Frost was horrible in MoP. More downtime then anything else. Spamming Howling Blasts seem to be the only way you get some action....

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