Interest Check: Gnome Military guild

Argent Dawn
I'm all for this, if only for possible future sub-wars. Forget the humans and orcs, the major war really if Goblin vs Gnome, this is the bigger war currently going on and has been going on far longer than Garrosh vs Varian. :)
Oh yes. Part of Steamshell's plans is Counter-Goblin Ops. Once I get the guild up ICly (we'll be starting from scratch, no "we got this stuff from the military for free!1!!!") and OOCly expect my calls soon.
OHMYGOD YES. I'm rolling a gnome tonight.

Or racechanging my dwarf.

... You like Warlocks, right?
it wont be up for awhile; still sorting out some issues with GMship

but yes we accept all classes as long as they're
1.) Sane and acceptable lorewise
2.) RPed well
Erm... How about a warlock who's only a leetle bit insane? With his wonderful demonic bodyguard.
Jethro Nacklewick reporting to help kill all gnomophobes.
05/07/2012 23:55Posted by Nacklewick
Jethro Nacklewick reporting to help kill all gnomophobes.

Look at him, he could be my twin!
The sound of an explosion tears through the usually quiet snowfields of Dun Morough, followed by an inhuman bellow of rage and pain. To those closer, a smaller voice would follow - commanding, yet diminutive.

"Blast it all, stand still! You're going to have to lose limbs, Skar'theron, if you want this Crankblast Deathwhir Mark Four bolted on! Do you want me to slip with my Rotating Laser Scalpel again? No? Then stand still and hold out your arm!"

And so emerges Gaziz Crankblast, self-proclaimed mortician, coroner, pathologist and Fel-Engineer! ... Anyone want a techno-demon hybrid?
yeah no

As a pro-Alliance guild we won't be accepting demon-toting, herp derp "we evil now" warlocks who openly play around with dangerous Fel Magic.

I also hate warlocks IC so that'll hurt your chances.

Tone the concept down and maybe we'll talk.
Nowhere did I say he was evil.

Nor did I say he was "Demon toting."

Or "herp derp," for that matter.

Gaziz is a fel-engineer in that he's always looking for ways to combine fel energy and technology, to create new and better weapons.

As for the mortician bit, I'm currently writing my 20,000 word dissertation on the philosophy behind the fear of death, so I figured that would be something to let me wax gnomical about and go off on rants, as gnomes are wont to do.

Again, nowhere did I say he was evil - nor did I say he was going to walk around brandishing his (mostly failed) experiments, or have a summoned demon at his back. And if it is the above mini-story-thing that you dislike, nowhere in that did I state it was taking place anywhere near any civilized areas, only that it was taking place in Dun Morough.

But hey, so much for
but yes we accept all classes as long as they're
1.) Sane and acceptable lorewise
2.) RPed well

Also, of course he won't wander around going "HURR I'M A WARLOCK DURR." He's a gnome - he's smarter than that. Overalls and goggles, as per any gnomish engineer.
Still playing with fel energy. Just as bad as demons in my eyes. Still corrupting magic.

Ic I'd holy fire you to Netherstorm and back.
If you knew. Which I doubt you would, because Gaziz is intelligent enough to hide it because he knows people don't like what he does.

So unless you had some way of detecting residual fel energy, you wouldn't know. And you would have to have a damn good reason to detect it.
06/07/2012 00:23Posted by Gaziz
Anyone want a techno-demon hybrid?

It's probably based on this line that people made the logical assumption that you were, in fact, going to roleplay it openly. It also made the Special-Snowflake-Detector-Extraordinaire explode.

And from every single experience I've had with players having some huge secret... After two weeks they can't resist dropping hints about their dangerous and powerful second side anymore and then everyone in the guild is basically forced to go along with it because the member is by now an established figure in the group. And then the guild chat frequently gets spammed with essays on how everyone -must- perceive the character.

That's just my two cents though.
*Shrug* I consider any assuption of class borderline metagaming, unless there's something the character would notice IC about the person in question, i.e. Oh, you're wearing thick armour and carrying a large mace, oh, you must be a warrior of some kind. Your eyes glow golden and your armour is bright? ... Are you a paladin? You're wearing robes, and you have a pointy hat. Totally a mage.

I also did not say it would be a huge secret. It won't be played out openly, and it won't be recognisable unless you're looking for it, but it will be far from secret.
!@#$ YEAH
I'm always up for giving chances.

Anyway! We'll be up SOON! As in VERY SOON!
Yaffle S Fizzlesprizz reporting for duty, SIR!

Ex-Steamhearter here, love to see you guys come back.
Out of interest for this project I decided to resub, and see how this works out. Good luck, Gearstorm!
08/07/2012 14:26Posted by Falkireohan
Out of interest for this project I decided to resub, and see how this works out. Good luck, Gearstorm!

Falk is back?! *Fangirlsqueel*
Good luck Gnomish friends :)

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