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Argent Dawn
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“In these dark times where chaos is rife across the face of the world, salvation can be found in the unlikeliest of places, and even the tiniest of heroes can rise to shake the foundations of fate”

War rages across the world as the Grand Alliance stands firm against the barbarity of the Horde and the evil factions of Azeroth. By order of Gnomish High Command, the Steamshell Unit is to be returned to active service as a military under the Alliance and as one of the representatives of Gnomeregan in war.

Cunning, intellect, speed, cooperation; these are your weapons in war. Through ingenious plans, superior tactics, plotted battles and centuries of Gnomish innovation shall you best and destroy the foe.

All of Gnomekind looks upon you; you will not fail.

Steamshell Unit is reformed! Once a tech-based military guild that took on gnomes and dwarves, Steamshell is now a completely-gnome regiment, pursuing gnomish interest and generally promoting gnomish RP.

Steamshell is now a Gnomish support and operations unit; the frontline belonging to the bulkier, taller races. Whilst they bash it up at the front we’ll be organising attacks at flanks, ambushing, land-mining, bombing, rear-guarding and paradropping-behind-you amongst other things.

For those who don’t like RP-PvP, we got stuff for “casuals” too! RP missions will have a place in the guild, as well as attempts to create an environment for Gnomish RP in general in the Dwarf-Gnome realms.

Official recruiting starts MONDAY!

Lieutenant Swiftgears, reporting for duty.

It's good to be back, sir!

Check this out should be a good target for you guys.



Yup! We're back again! Eovi Hurdletoss/Boulderbeard comes back into active service along with Steamshell.
Steamshell's back! Goodluck once more from your Defias Brotherhood friends! I think I may even have an alt amongst you...
May the Steamshell Unit triumph again!
Your back! Yay!
This is without a shadow of doubt brilliant news, you will only bolster the RP community with your presence!
Right-o. We'll start recruiting at Monday 09th at the Ironforge Military Ward. Around 19:00-ish (maybe earlier) server time.
*brings his joke about this guild being short-lived from the concept-thread to the guild-thread*
Ha! Short-lived! Gnomes! Short! Ha! Hahahaha!
Salutations Steamshell!
Hurray! May the blue-white banner be raised again!
Here's a view on our trooper classifications and ranks

The Shock Troops
(insignia: http://oi45.tinypic.com/256xvtj.jpg)
Melee specialists who form the fist of Steamshell's flanking attacks. They charge in at crucial times, either the sides of the battle or from above through parachute drops

The Covert Ops
(insignia: http://oi45.tinypic.com/2rzdhmg.jpg)
Information is the key for victories. Steamshell employs its branch of Gnomeregan's Covert Ops as scouts, spies and commandos to perform stealth missions

The Intel Team
(insignia: http://oi45.tinypic.com/2cwjt06.jpg)
In this world of magic, a single mage can twist the battle to his side's favor. Steamshell's Intel Team provide magic and healing support to the Unit.

Steam Captain - Overall Leader
Lieutenants - Second highest in the command chain. Three main lieutenants are considered the captain's seconds (Shock Troop/Covert Ops/Intel Team Lieutenant) with sub-lieutenants beneath them.
Elite - The veterans who show aptitude in command and plan are promoted to Elite
Veteran - A Trooper who has performed (and survived) the various missions Steamshell will do
Trooper - A recruit who has passed the trials and is named a full member of the Unit
Recruit - Troopers-in-waiting. Required to serve at least once in a real-fire mission to be promoted fully into the Unit.
Very tempted to roll that Gnome priest. Looking good my tiny friends.

Bump and /approve.
On this very day... The very forests whispered the rumor that a Gnomish military guild was reborn...

And I was like "shush forests liek wot" and then decided I'll be putting my Gnome in this guild. That's right. The only good Gnome guild is the one that consists of Forsaken.
My friends...
The day you were formed...
09/07/2012 00:23Posted by Ardmoro
The very forests

Of Dun Morogh...
09/07/2012 00:23Posted by Ardmoro

the name...

09/07/2012 00:23Posted by Ardmoro
Gnomish military guild

I do hope this has a successful reactivation.

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