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Hi. I started the RAF thing with my friend today. She got a "Starter Edition" account and she bought the retail game and now she wants to upgrade her account to a full version wow account but when she clicks Upgrade her only option is to buy the game. how does she upgrade her account if she already bought the game and has a key to upgrade?
There is a link at the top of this page which will allow your friend to upgrade their game Röllipeikko. :)


If they have any further difficulties, please let us know. :)
Should she put the key from her game to the place "Code Redemption" when clicking the "Add or Upgrade A Game"? in the "Enter Code".
That should work. :)
1 more question. she has 2 starter edition accounts. she made her wow1 SE account when she wanted to try the game. and then the wow2 SE account when we started RAF. if she puts the CD key into that "Enter Code", will she be able to choose which of those 2 accounts she wants to upgrade?
No, you'll need to make sure she upgrades the right account.

If she makes a mistake, she'll need to contact our Support team. :)
Well, how do she know what account she upgrades? can she like delete the wow1 account that she doesn't need anymore? Because she can't choose to which account she wants to enter the CD key because she can only put the Code into that Enter Code box after she clicks "Upgrade a Game" and when she clicks her wow2 account she can only upgrade by buying the game online, there is no place where she puts the CD key.
If she wishes to remove the other starter account Röllipeikko, she should contact our Support team and they'll be happy to do so. :)

They'll be happy to assist her through the upgrade process at the same time. :)
but why isn't there a option to upgrade the account with a CD key? The only option to upgrade we can find is to buy the game online...
Get her to click this link and enter the code.


Then pick the account she wishes to upgrade. :)
Hi, i got the starter edition game and i upgrate it few min later but even if on my account information i got the active account status with Cataclysm on it while i'm on the game i got the message that started accounts cannot use this or that... any ideas why this happened?
It takes up to 72 hours for your payment to clear and everything to be unlocked. You will be able to level over 20 straight away & the other things will happen within the 72 hours.
ohhh i see, thanks for the help :D
No worries - have fun :)

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