best memories of your time playing wow

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what are you best/fondest memories of your time playing wow?

mine probably doesn't sound very exciting to most, but for me it was when i first got to shattrath city. i started playing just around the time TBC was released, knew virtually nothing about the game at all (still don't lol) and only really started playing because a friend introduced me.

but once i'd started to get into the game a little i found out about shattrath and made it my goal to get there, choose a side (aldor/scryer) and then crack on to 70. for somebody like me who doesn't really play games much (except for this and angrybirds hehe) it was a great moment, and one i still remember now.

so for all the other jolly and upbeat people who remain, what are your fondest memories of your time playing wow? :)
For me it'd be my very first character. A night elf in the woods of Teldrassil back in 2005... Being almost entirely new to the MMO genre, Azeroth was just breathtaking for me. During my adventures through Azeroth, I still look fondly at Blackrock Depths, Stratholme and Blacwing Lair. Those places always had something special going on for me.

In TBC I definitely enjoyed Hellfire Peninsula. Yes, the zone is barren, as you'd expect, but for some reason it was just *cool*.

In Wrath that was definitely travelling around Storm Peaks. The ambience, the environment... a great place :-)

In TBC I definitely enjoyed Hellfire Peninsula. Yes, the zone is barren, as you'd expect, but for some reason it was just *cool*.

i don't know why hellfire gets such a bad press actually - the very first time you ever step through the dark portal it's like... "woahh!"
Probably when I first killed LK 2 weeks before cataclysm came out, lol. Deathwing, even on HC, does simply not compare.
Flying low over the mountains with four friends as we headed for a dungeon entrance, all mounted on Bronze Drakes.

It. Felt. Epic.
Oh the days of running around Ashenvale killing spiders and turning the savage wolves into peaceful sheep.. when all of a sudden a lightning bolt strikes me, I stumble, I fall. As I try to crawl away a giant Tauren slowly walks up and smiles as he watches my pitiful attempt to escape. He raises his hammer and smashes it upon my back, snapping it like a twig. Leaving me to be finished off by another member of the Horde he laughed, told me I would have the honour of knowing who did this, told me his name and then walked away. Repeating his name over and over in my head as I crawled with bitter determination towards the Night Elf safe haven of Astraanar. The Night Elves took me in and I regained my strength, as well as increasing my knowledge of the Arcane arts. I tracked down this Tauren... the race that so many called peaceful before, and with the help of my new found Night Elf friends I ambushed him. I jumped from a tree, onto his shoulders, using slow fall in order to ensure I landed in the correct position. Grabbng a knife of burning power I pressed it against his throat and told him, "You do not have the honour of knowing my name," and slashed my blade across his neck. This was the last time a Tauren, or even a Horde, ever attacked me without being provoked.

Yeah after being killed by someone while I was fighting something, it was a lot of fun to go and kill them back! Granted this story is kind of false as when I was playing on a pvp realm I had a Horde Shaman but still...
For me I have a good few:

1. Stepping into Hellfire, always amazed me seeing myself in front of those steps and knowing in front of me was a new world to explore and then as I descended down the steps to see the huge armies of both horde and alliance fighting demons under command of a pit lord I was shocked and was thinking, so I have to fight that? I was quickly pushed past it into the horde town of Thrallmar that a flight path tuke me. Lucky to escape that fight. Only to be later ganked by a fel reaver.

2. It was a dark and gloomy night over in Silverpine forest, I was on my undead lock at the time, I was asked to go deal with a problem over at Pyrewood village, as I arrived by the doorstep of this fortified town I saw it, Worgen with elite status. I began pondering how I could do this. Then came the idea of using my Voidwalker to tank an elite one at a time while I remained health funneling my Voidwalker. Slowly progressing one by one mob and fearing the pull of too many. I made it through the quest proud of my hard work. Only to find the elites got nerfed a few days later.

3. I was over in STV doing the Nesingwary quests when I cam across the shadow panthers which were in stealth. I was wondering to myself, I want one of those pets, a pet that can hide and perhaps even trick my opponents in PVP, especially in combination with eyes of the beast. Sadly at the time I needed a few levels to tame such a beast. So began a hard motivated effort on getting to the level so that I could tame one. I finally made it to where I wanted to be and began taming one, I had a cat with a prowl ability! I played around with the prowl and eyes of the beast for a good few hours, it was quite special. I didn't realise all cats eventually learned prowl anyway, I thought it was a select few...
I remember fighting some lvl 60 hordies back in 2005 in Westfall and didn't know anything about ranks. The next week I had "Private" before my name because we'd killed each other quite a few times that afternoon.

From then I gave PvP a try to try and rise through the ranks and I discovered the original Alterac Valley.


Nowadays it's not even 1% of the fun it was (that's another story) - but in its original guise I could (and often did) play there all day or all night.
The first time I ever stepped into deadmines.

I was absolutely overwhelmed by the whole experience, more specifically, when the cannon went off and Mr Smite yell out about landlubbers :)

I made it my lifetime WoW achievement to 1shot Mr Smite, every few levels I would see if I could oneshot him, one day I achieved my goal.

It was monumentus.
Me and my friend entering burning steppes from lakeshire at lv40 with brand new mount and aggroing lv 55+ mobs from miles, crossing all them and entering blackrock mountain and having a sense of fear at looking that not so friendly lava falls and that gloomy music.
Lvling my first character no looms no lfg all with questing everything was new, everything felt massive (my cam was also zoomed in far lol)
For me it was when I first beat ick & kirk in The Pit of Saron on heroic. I started the game in october/november 2009 (shortly before patch 3.3 released) and of course I had to make it harder for myself, so from day 1 I started to multibox, 1 paladin and 4 shaman. Never played an mmo before, so it was quite a journey. I started with the first boss in the spider dungeon, farmed that for a few days, was able to kill my next boss and in a few weeks I had all heroic dungeons on farm.

But ick & kirk on heroic was a real challenge for me to multibox. I don't remember how many times I wiped there, but it was a insane amount. I was stubborn as I refused to group up with other people before I had completed the dungeon on hc myself. But if was so frustrating. And then one night I decided to cook spaghetti after a ton of hopeless wipes, and while I was waiting for it I figured to give it another go. And all in a sudden I saw the light, and my new strategy of running in big circles actually paid off. It felt so cool that I was finally in total control of everything and had a great kill. I don't know how loud I screamed, but I bet my neighbours woke up. From that day the whole game changed for me, I got finally the self confidence to start raiding and climbed the ladder from there.

That fight is definitely my best memory, because of the frustration but also for how it changed my game.
Well i remember when people used to actually be social in this game and you had a close knit circle of friends

good old days..
inb4 absolutely no good memories from Cataclysm...

On topic: killing Curator for the first time. Was a step up from the first four bosses and seemed like a barrier. But eventually we downed it and it opened up our way into the next part.

Shame you don't get that kind of sense of hard-earned achievement any more (oh hai Blizzard).
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Doing a little attack to Auberdine with group of friends (as a horde ofc). It was fun times when we did adventures on Azeroth together when there wasn't flying mounts to help traveling. :)

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