What you'll miss heading into MoP.

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I'l miss classes having unique qualitys to bring to raids. Come to think of it iv already been missing that for a while.
The current talent system-
Head enchants.
"ranged slot"
Hunters bo being able to shot at melee distance.
The current rolling system.
Prime glyphs.
Not being able to fly where ever i go.(no MoP flying until lvl 90)

Not being able to fly where ever i go.(no MoP flying until lvl 90)

Are you kidding me? This is actually a good change...
I will miss the lore, with the end of Deathwing it is over. The aspects, the demons and everything i had the luck to talk to or kill. Hyjal and twillight highlands were by far the best zone I've seen, only bested by Icecrown. Firelands intro quests(and firelands generaly) and generally whatever has to do with elementals. The talent system of course, and the feeling i have when i kill deathwing that is like OMG it is the final battle at last. Maybe i will miss the game too, as the chance i will keep playing is like 40%, maybe i want to remember the game as it is now.
Cata's Savage Roar

I do not like "the old (WotLK) Savage Roar"!

My defensive abilities of Dire Bear form when I am Feral.

I do not like any bit of even thiner glass cannon as a dps!

3 Glyphs

Why is it even needed to shrink from 9 to 6 glyphs anyway? Give us 1 more Major and 2 minor Glyph slots!
My totems :S
I will miss tanking and healing, in MoP it's quite garbage (for me) so i will just go DPS on all my chars.
I will miss intellect giving me mana :(
I missed TBC in Cataclysm, and i will miss TBC World PVP again
I will miss being a ret and having that buff sound of Judgements of the Pure going off every time i hit people with a large hammer.
aah i gonna mis my gurthalak :( lvled my warrior to late to get the normal or hc version :(
What I will miss, the ability to choose a quest reward for transmog, vendoring, or just because I like the look of that cloth item or weapon... (Seriously, WHY Blizzard?)

Transmog options. (see reason above)

The old Scholo and SM, and their loot.

Various items and sets that will yet again be taken out of the game for no real reason.

The pet market, and thus my income, since account wide pets will most likely kill this, or at least make it hardly profitable.

Getting loot from bosses because the RNG will decide if I even get anything to "roll" for to begin with...and since RNG hates me, probably little to no loot for me anymore. :(
Nothing, dreadful expansion.
Well i wont miss anything Cata was so borningly stupid in the begin untill path 4.3 sort of ish
T11 was boring as hell.
Firelands was way to short so it took you 2 hours to do FL.
and DS is just going on for way to long now.....
the only good things they came form cata we're transmoc and the new lvl 1-60 zones cause the 80 to 85 were crap not fun at all.
Tier 11

Oh and getting kited endlessly and forever...ohwait:C
i will miss free character transfers from low pop realms and i will miss the time when raidfinder didnt exsist nor guild perks
Uldum is the living hell of WoW, worst place ever to be created, boring and over all it gave me an eye sore.
01/08/2012 11:08Posted by Bydor
I will miss being in a bad expansion. Im not a guy that goes 'Vanilla and TBC were the best' because most of those guys are !@#$%^-s. But Cataclysm really was by FAR the worst expansion ever. MoP will hopefully fix it. I want there to be a challenge in the game again, i want the first 25 man boss not to be downed the first month, i want high level armor to have meaning again.

I like how you say all that without a single raid item on your other lfr|||||||||||||||||
ps i agree tho this exp sucked
Old Blood Tap
Prime Glyphs
Abomination Might
Old Horn of Winter
30 Second CD Outbreak
Old Talent Trees
4 part bonus from T13
Loremaster Title
Stoutheart Talisman
Old Scent of Blood Talent
Runic Power Mastery Talent
FL weekly run for 0,0001% drop rate Sulfuras
Missing DS HC Trinkets and Boots
Vashjir Quests
Molten Front Dailies
Zandalari Dungeons
Throne of Four Winds
OP Death Strike
Only One Race of Stupid Talking Animals in Alliance(Pandas and Worgens are EVIL !!! Kill all talking animals!!!)
85 lvl Coren Direbrew(Again i don't have Direbrew Remote because i need reach lvl 90 to go on Coren Direbrew in this Brewfest)
Head Enchants
8 characters on Max Lvl
Paladin T12 Replica

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