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Hello, when I downloaded deadly boss mods an addon on curse I got some kind of "timer" which says when the boss will use its attacks, but it also seemed to be working in battlegrounds, a timer which said how long time left untill one team won.

I have seen somewhere where someone asked if "blahblahblah something" addon was allowed and I think some people said that all addons on curse is legal and that if a addon were illegal blizzard would block the addon so that it wouldnt work in the game.

But when I were doing eye of the storm the timer said "5:00" so I said in chat "hey everyone, we win in 5 min!" and a few people asked how I knew that and I said it was some kind of addon that could show the time on how long time left till a team won and they said
"OMG cheater! im going to report you for cheating!"

But I told them that im not cheating, its only a legal addon but they kept saying stuff like "Reported, friggen cheater, I hate cheaters like you, ruin the game" and such.

So is it really cheating or were they only a bunch of trolls? I have seen alot of people using this addon so I think its legal.
It's fine.
It's not cheating, either they were trying to wind you up or they don't really understand. You're fine.
It's not cheating. If you are wondering how it works, then all it is doing is a very simple calculation that is based on the amount of points each tower gets you, and how many towers each side has.

Even if they were to report you for cheating you would not get banned or punished, because you did nothing wrong. The addon is perfectly allowed; in fact, unless the addon is exploiting a bug, addons can't be cheating because the framework in which addons are written does not physically allow it.
The addon doesnt make anything magic, it just makes more visible stuff that is already in the game.

For example, boss abilities: some are on a timer. Those with fixed timers, blizzard ui will also tell you when they are, but its less visible (appears in chat, for example, via boss emotes). Deadly boss mods just adds visual help with them.

As for the bgs: the timer you see works in resource based bgs (ab, Eots, battle for gilneas) is not a fixed one, it doesn't "predict" anything. It just calculates that if you team continues to hold the same bases, it will accumulate resources at a certain pace and after x time it will win. It also calculates the same thing for the other team, then compares the 2 times and announces the team with the shortest time winning in the calculated interval. This timer is reset every time a change happens: your team looses or wins another base and the resource gain is changed. So, the fact that you see "horde wins in 5 mins" at some point doesn't mean that horde will win. It means that the horde is at that point holding more bases than you are or held more bases at some point and is ahead in resources.

You wont see this timer for example in places like wsg, because that bg is not won on gathering resources. WSG has a fixed duration and number of flags capped.

Now I dunno if those ppl tried to troll you or you made it sound more ominous than it is and they assumed you have some special addon. Maybe you went like "no worry guys, I have an addon that says we will win". People are used to DBM and they dont think much about that timer, its nothing special. It's useful because sometimes you can see from the timer that you need to cap an additional base to win. But its nothing "magic" or "cheating". It doesnt make you win, it just lets you know which team is in the lead.
its only cheating if you enjoy it

*ill get my coat*
It's a addon that tells the future....

Sometimes... while raiding, I can predict down to the mil second how long the boss will live.

I totally look at the dps and so some crazy maths in my head to work out at this dps how long it will take to kill said boss.
It is not possible to cheat with WoW addons. The stuff they can do is limited to what Blizzard allows them to do.

For example, back in the days we had an addon that would automaticly dispell magic, poison, etc from the raid. This addon was using programming features Blizzard gave to them. After a while Blizzard decided that this was not the way you were supposed to play the game, and they removed the features that allowed that mod to work the way it did.

So no matter what addon they come up with, it's not illegal nor cheating. But Blizzard might decide its unwanted and make sure the addon (and others like it) stops working.

Note: This only goes for the regular WoW addons you place in your Interface directory. Other stuff like programs you have to run beside WoW (often bots or stuff that changes your client to change models or whatever) are highly illegal. You will get permanently banned if they find out. Also these kind of cheats often contain keyloggers to steal your account.
It's not cheating at all, don't worry, all the addon does is a calculation based on several variables to tell you when you should expect a given outcome if the variables remain constant. That's why sometimes the time on those addons isn't very accurate, because some of those variables are dependent on players behaviour and aren’t just a visual aid of fixed in-game timers, making an absolutely accurate result truly unpredictable.

So if for example you’re in Arathi Basin, your team has 5 nodes and the addon says you’re going to win in 1 minute, that’s only true if you keep those 5 nodes until the end, and that’s something the addon can’t really be sure about, so *it will only show a pseudo-prediction based on instantaneous information, if anything changes, the prediction changes as well.

*Thanks Ujellybrah!
so he will only show a pseudo-prediction based on instantaneous information

TIL addons are male.
Women addons - Know your place.
Woman addon: Well, I'm afraid I don't really know much about the boss ability timers...but I do love fluffy kittens.
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Thanks Ujellybrah!

Man, some times I wish you could make signatures on these forums =)
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Women addons - Know your place.

03/08/2012 18:26Posted by Vanyanas
Woman addon: Well, I'm afraid I don't really know much about the boss ability timers...but I do love fluffy kittens.

Thanks for all the answers! now when I have gotten all the answers I need, I don't see a point in this thread anymore, it can be locked/removed now :)
Deadly Boss Mods doesn't promote cheating, although at times I do think it goes over the top with regards to the addon's raiding tools. However, with regards to PvP, what the mod does is calculate at each interval you would gain a point, and how many of those points left you require to win, divided by the interval you earn those points, which will equal the amount of time before you win. If one faction's time left towards winning is greater than the other faction, then the latter will win the BG overall.

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