"Original"/Vanilla TN players? Or who you still rmbr?

Twisting Nether
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Just wondering how many of pre-TBC players are still around on this server? Or is there someone who you still remember (title was too long) from "classic" / "vanilla" times?

Who am I?
I myself migrated my undead mage (named Crasp) here from Ravencrest when TN opened up with the free migrates. Got it to 60lvl (my first 60lvl aswell). Also played rogue to 60lvl (named Crasputin) on this server aswell. After many rerolls, migrates and even faction tranfers i'm back on this server (migrated back here few weeks before cata release).

Anyway - enough of that interesting stuff; here is who i remember, and why:
- Mobywan TEH retri pala. Had great fun with him, until he joined IL (i think), got some raid gear and started 2 shotting me.
- Inflamez Had great fun with him aswell in BGs and world PvP, most of the time Moby was there too!
- Xristotoulos (spelling?) Undead priest who i spent alot of hours with! Includes both pve and pvp fun! He was leader of iO at some point i think, at least officer, i think.
- Lilanda / Reise Friend of mine from other game that introduced me to WoW back in 2005. Stopped playing WoW just before TBC release, sadly.
- Zikzak (spelling?) That evil gnome warrior! I think, or was he dwarf? Well anyway, he was the one who teached me that Ashkandi hurts!
- Stgeorge The rogue i could always inspect on my own rogue and see gear i could never have!
- Some (finnish) undead priest whos name started with Y (i think). Can't for some reason remember the name (sorry!). But i remember he was in finnish raiding guild that was doing BWL at the time i joined their guild. There was also undead mage called Rihmakallo in their guild. On my first ZG run with them i won the quest item (for the trinket) from Hakkar. And Rihmakallo got "bag of whammies" (there was some kind of inside joke going on around in ventrilo for rest of the run about that).
- Spede TEH honor farmer :P

While not players, i do remember these guilds aswell:
Out of Range

Erm, i think that is all for now that beer can wash out of my brains, sorry for spelling errors and bad english!
I'm here since serverlaunch, I also remember the following classic players who unfortunately don't play anymore or at least not on TN.

Mobywan (Pala), indeed a crazy paladin. I think he's still active but on another server. Not sure.
Knightblazer (War), crazy guy eating his diner while raiding and tanking. Also one of the wielders of Thunderfury.
Johnmatrix, my mentor who taught me how to tank the !@#$ out of everything. Tanking multiple targets while back in those days it required focus and actual thinking for a warrior. Doesn't play anymore unfortunately.

Stgeorge, Crazy practically unbeatable rogue. Had a lot of fun trying to gank him back in the days.
Pj, also a well-skilled rogue. Never actually met him but heared stories about him.

I remember the following alliance guilds:

Rise and Shine
Iratus Lepus
The Reborn
Nether Crusaders
Hells Kitchen (PvP)
Cirtius Altius Fortius
Svea Livgarde
Steel Alliance
Gathering of Dudes
And ofcourse Minority! Established 24 december 2005.

I remember the following Horde guilds


All great raiding guilds.

I can remember more if I have some time, but those are the first ones that came up in my mind. All good memories, back when there were actually 2 factions.

EDIT: Typo's
Good times, indeed.

Rogue - Compo
Paladin - Mobywan (surprise)
Warrior - Roffejow
Mage - Kiiv
Shaman - Spede


Beyond Redemption
By the way does anyone know where pentroll (trol hunter) went to? He was also an oldskool player if I reckon correctly. Last time I saw him was in WoTLK..

Some other oldskoolers that I remember:

Solom: GM of Essential (not so very popular guy on alliance).
Kelvinfrost: GM of Cirtius Altius Fortius and afterwards Avarice.
Oldskool TNer reporting. I mostly agree with Droïn, since I started the same time as Droïn did. Not on the same character though, back then on my dwarf hunter called Erogoin.

During those times there was actual interaction between horde and alliance. And all the reputation that came along with it. I miss TN, but the server situation has gotten way out of hand.



PS: Droïn, get your gnome butt to Ravencrest right now!
I am here since the launce on same char.

Most famous and skilled people

Rogue: Stgeorge,Compo
Mage: Horrorriziel,Narub
Shaman: Spede
Warrior: Khazrakk,Kiev (not sure for the name)
Priest: Xristodoulos (real friend of me)
Warlock: Tripper (not sure for the spelling),Soulgrinder,Velsha,Dodots
Hunter: Highfive
Druid: Hyo

Most awesome guild with top 10 world kill ranks

There was an ally guild wich i dont remeber the name (hardcore guild) Stgeorge was guild member,the GM (warlock) was the first and till the end of TBC the only player with Ashes of Alar.

Out of range (Disbanded at the start of Wotlk) not sure
Ascension (Disbanded at the start of TBC)
Remedy (Disbanded at the start of TBC)
Beyond Redemption (Disbanded at the start of TBC,many people left and joined Nihillum)
Public Enemy (what a great name,later changed to Grim Funeral)
Conspiracy (Core players from Remedy,most awesome guild with world rank 22 on Kil'jaeden and Server first till and including Ulduar)
Lotto (Core players from Ascension,World rank 12 on Anubarak heroic in TOTGC)
Knockout (Best PVP guild ever in TBC with famous arena teams like knockout 3v3 and burnout 5v5 witl 2400 and 2600 rating,this rating was insane back then) one day thei decide to play PVE and they cleared BT in one day almost with full vengfull gear and all that before the nerfs,they migrated to Lightings Blade and merged with Sauna and named The famous to everyone Paragon.
Eye for an Eye (they disbanded at the start of Wotlk and changed to Rising Sun with core members)

Thats all i remember i will post more if something comes to my mind.The truth is that back in the days till TBC even the most noob player that didnt know how to click on his epic mount did know those players and guilds,the server was a live community .Today this feeling is missing ,you dont know none except your guild mates and real friends,none cares.
...the server was a live community. Today this feeling is missing ,you dont know none except your guild mates and real friends,none cares.

Oh so true.
I have been here for ages. Shame that many people have left the server :(
compo smells and hyo is a backpeddler

Edit: its also fun the noone names Narub, or Winst even.

EDIT N2: just saw Barbarosaxx name narub
I remember TN :)

Moved with the guild i was in (best guild ever imo!) Nether Crusaders from Bloodscalp to TN, together with IR och NW if im correctly.

I remember every one still from the good old days :) Miss those days, all where so chatty :p
Zoj (My rival!)
Atee (Wielder of Thunderfury)

All honorable gnome warriors from classic :).

Now residing on Sylvanas on my monk with the same name (some inactive douche had stolen it, had to make a ticket!)
ahh Twisting Nether.

Where I did retarded things with my hunter, Dejager, while I was in The Reborn.
Currently still playing on Sylvanas with my warrior after vanilla. Continue to play through all expansion with lots of breaks.

Also I can still remember Mobywan , since he's still one of my best friends irl. He currently quitted playing WoW(somewhere in Cata I think) and plays SC2 in Top8 Master.

From the people I can remember or mostly.

Chong..?(something like that, it was a shaman who kept frostshocking everyone in AV)
That male Dwarf shadowpriest. He even made a pvp video back then.
RealSanta, the dwarf paladin who kept running around in Ironforge in a santa costume. And also a great irl friend xD
Good old times indeed :)

I used to play in Remedy on lev60, then a short time in Conspiracy in TBC, followed by Honorless Target on my warrior called Pitbull, then during Sunwell times in Lotto on this hunter :)

There's no point in starting to list players I remember, I still have lots of oldschool players on my friendlist, or Facebook. It's always good to meet ingame with someone I didn't see for years.
been playing on TN since vanilla, and it has been a priviledge to be a part of what was back then a great mmo gaming community.
anyone from Absolution still around ?
Ooh so many memories from TN.

Still remember the first weeks after my guild migrated here from Bloodscalp when Perfection tried to declare a ceasefire in Blackrock Mountain with no pvp.

When Jolts was it? Arranged a 5v5 tournament in Dire Maul and SUN came and totally ruined it.

The drama on this forum when SoE and NW became RnS. Or when Last Stand and Perfection merged into BR.

One on my best memories is from when my guild TLB (later The Lost Battalion) had a huuge fight with Nightwatchers down in Silithus over the big bosses u could spawn down there.

Memorable players in vanilla:
Roffejow ofc (felstriker haha)
Charlitra not sure about the spelling

There's really too many to list here. There are just some of the players that made TN such a great realm back then.
Anyone got some cool screenshots from good old days? Would be awesome if you can upload some and share them in this thread.

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