[A] Theramore Vanguard - MoP recruitment.

Argent Dawn
"They were originally named the Theramore Compact because that's where the agreement was signed, during some roleplay on one of the ships in the dock. It'll be sad to see them lose their birthplace though. - Aerandul, old-!@# TC member. "

PS, hi TCV!
Well I can either quote a friend here and move all the Chronicles he wrote about back then, The Pact that was made and the whole story.... or you can visit our website and read more about it here : http://www.thevanguard.eu/frm/viewforum.php?f=3.

I will wait for his return from holidays and ask for his permission to post his stuff here...
Unfortunately RL will likely prevent me from raiding in MoP but can wholeheartedly recommend Theramore Vanguard for those that like to combine serious raiding with an in-game RP presence.
What the tincan said!
In Few days we will have clearer few of what will our needs be per class and spec.
Ahhh. The old TCV days. Remember being so excited to join back during vanilla, desperately farming blues to get in like it was the only thing that mattered. Take -that-, moany paladin who tried to ninja my Draconian Deflector.
btw... do we have monks interested in raiding and even joining ... ?
Well the patch arrived, so I suppose you all have seen the changes ... So now its the time to apply...
Bump, these guys are good.
The expansion is almost here, Now its the time to join friendly guild / raid community and explore the raids of Pandaria!
What are your requirements on the healer side of things? (Disco-time!)
And Tank for that matter. (DK)

also: What time of the day are you raiding? (If this is settled at the moment.)

Otherwise, seems like a LOVELY concept, which I'd love to be a part of.
We are currently interested in most classes and specs, and yes we will be able to accomondate both DK Tank and Disco Priest.

We start our raids at 20:00 and finish them at 23:00.

One more week has left!
We need more space goats!
If you are looking for friendly and mature raiding environment this is the place to be!
So the expansion arrived and we are looking for more healers to join our ranks!
We've downed 2 bosses tonight, wuhuu!
Why all the 25-man groups never seem to match up with my social life I'll never know. Vague bump for justice though.
Two or Three more healers would be more than welcome ...

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