Why do you play Alliance?

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I generally like the look of the Alliance races more and their storylines are more to my liking. Horde storylines focus on savagery and cruelty in a lot of cases, something I personally find objectionable.

I'm not that crazy about the direction I am seeing the Alliance go in MoP, but we'll see how it develops over the whole expansion. I just hope that the writers don't give in to the crazy demands of the emo crowd, who want the Alliance to become the same sort of war criminals as the Horde leaders often are.
i do not complain but horde races (not BE) are ugly... this is only my opinion
13/08/2012 15:06Posted by Naeya
Night Elves, because exotic-skinned amazonic battlevixens are epic. Or at least they used to be before Warcraft turned them into cheerleaders. And they used to have good lore too. I live on minor hopes Blizzard might take them serious again one day.

Keep it minor, makes the dissapointing less likely to hurt your feelings. ;(

Also this:

13/08/2012 15:42Posted by Jimmirustles
Because I don't want a city hub made out of mud
I do prefer alliance because of the races (don't get me wrong I love trolls aswell) and also that I've found a nice community out of alliance aswell... Which keeps me entertained no matter what. Not to mention the cities, I love the architecture of Stormwind, Ironforge and Darnassus and I find the Horde major cities a bit too primitive (but I do love Thunder Bluff). Alliance has it's downsides yet I still prefer to be an Alliance hero.

P.S. Gnome Power!
Aesthetic matters.

Favorite races: Night Elves and Humans.

Simple as that.

Krayus wrote: Horde has always since the first time I set my eyes upon the Character creation screen been my favorite. I am psychologically incapable of hating the Horde. Though I can despise characters within the Horde, that doesn't affect my overall commitment to it.

I utterly despise the Alliance.
Their races are boring. Only the Night Elves are interesting due to their vast lore. The rest are just annyoing. The Draenei never stops talking about the Light, the high-pitched Gnomes are tiny, irritating DPSers, The dwarfs are just in the way (although I like their accent) , The humans are ugly and I have never encountered a Human in the Azeroth that hasn't attacked me (I mean players ofc). Worgen are humans. That they have a secondary form does not make them any less despicable.
The Alliance say that they stand for justice, honor and peace. They show it by waging relentless war against the Horde. Varian Wrynn must be dumbest moron in Azeroth (along with Garrosh). I share the shame of whomsever feel the same way about both.

The Horde has in my eyes logic and understanding. I do not see that in Alliance, beside the Night Elves and the Draenei leaders.
The Horde is comprised of species with a common aspect: They are different. The Forsaken are seen as abominations of life, the Orcs killed thousand during the Second War. That they are different and dare stand for it against the world is brave and that appeals to me.

The Forsaken are my absolute favorite race. They are dark, scheming and cunning and stands for a darkness that is not all-consuming, but intelligent. Unfortunately, Sylvanas has become less subtle and less cunning as of Cataclysm. However, we shall see what happens in MoP. Plus killing Forsaken in PvP is always a bit tricky ;)

Well said friend! I think that troll females are the nicest looking females in the horde. But I think that the undeads are absolutely the coolest race in the game :) Once when I did a belf I did'nt want to do the belf quests cuz I hate them lol, I did the forsaken quests instead. For me trolls and undeads are the only races in the horde that can be calm...
I prefer Horde over Alliance but if i had the choice, I would go neutral. I prefer Horde cuz Horde, believe it or not, acts more reasonable and <Humanly> than the alliance. Also Thrall is my favourite lore character and if you take a moment to think how much he suffered from both horde and alliance characters, you will understand why he prefers neutral too. Varian Wrynn is a good character also because of the story behind him. I mean he was taken as a gladiator slave who became the champion of dire maul in 3v3 fight, won the name Lo'gosh, killed an enormous earth elemental without a weapon, prevented the destuction of Thandol span (or something like it) and ended Onyxia. Well I play alliance only because of scroll of ressurection server change and when we finally kill Garosh, who is the main reason i don't play horde right now, I will go horde without a second thought. Also for favourite race I prefer Gnomes who, along with draenei are maybe the only race in the alliance that has never done something bad or evil. And if you say mekgineer thermaplaug is evil, read Gelbin's short story to see why we don't consider him a gnome anymore.
I prefer Alliance because I am a "lorefan". I love all the stories about the old Kingdom of Azeroth and traveling to different locations without WoW to witness the these historical grounds.

The Forsaken is currently destroying many of these locations and marking it as their territory (with new Forsaken buildings like in Brill). With it they have left the old kingdoms of Upper Lordaeron to nothing more than a footnote in the history. It seem like they're currently laying siege on almost every alliance city/village encampment in Upper Lordaeron. Therefore i choose Alliance because of my hatred against the Forsaken but also because of the Horde lacking the discipline and honor of The Grand Alliance.
I find alliance so boring. Humans, shorter humans, shortest humans, blue humans with pointy ears, humans with hooves...*yawn*
Only acceptable race is worgen.

17/08/2012 09:26Posted by Clothlady
I play alliance because I´ve been rocking horde in world of warcraft, tbc and wotlk. Alliance feels somewhat fresh.

It's unfortunate that you leave the horde (for a bit) when the story became all about them and green jesus :S

typical ;)
I find alliance so boring. Humans, shorter humans, shortest humans, blue humans with pointy ears, humans with hooves...*yawn*
Only acceptable race is worgen.

Skinny humans, dead humans, short green humans, muscular hunching humans with fangs, tall hunching humans with tusks, cows... *yawn*
Horde races are not ugly. Taurens are actually a bit cute =D
I've had these discussions a few times. The short story is that I'm quite neutral, loyalty-speaking, but I align myself towards the Alliance. The long story..

Considering the European middle ages are easily my favourite historical period, Stormwind being "just another medieval city" suits me just fine (Not nearly enough cities and castles in RL are preserved for me to gawk at). Entering that city as my first capital to visit back in February 2005 still counts in my top 5 WoW moments, with the music thundering down the Valley of Heroes.

With the exception of Garrosh (who I think acts like certain players on the Horde side, the ignorant "Horde pwns all" types, you know them, though I suppose only those players like him.) I like most of the leaders, and have a great deal of respect for Thrall, before he stepped down, as well as Vol'jin and Baine. All Alliance leaders get my respect, as well. Sylvanas I'm not sure about. I basically cannot stand !@#$%^-s that cannot be reasoned with. Garrosh is a major one, Sylvanas is a scheming one, and the Goblin leader is a greedy one.

Also, note I'm playing a Human. People constantly called me boring for playing something "I am in real life". I'm thinking the opposite way. Since we're human in real life, most become blinded as to how versatile humanity also can be in fiction. Humans can easily align themselves from the most holy goodie-two-shoes you can imagine, down to the most deceitful, scheming monster you've ever met.

On one hand you have someone like Anduin Lothar or Uther Lightbringer, on the other you have figures like Aedelas Blackmoore or Arthas.

Granted, in WoW most races have been stopped from being strictly evil or good, even the Forsaken (like one in the EPL, who has left the Undercity because the Dark Lady seems different from how she used to be)

I carry no hatred for the Horde, however, and I elevate myself to be above the childish players on both sides who cannot avoid to spout "For the Horde/Alliance" on the web like a bunch of idiots. I find myself playing Horde alts at times to spice it up a little, but I'm always drawn back to the Alliance (And Stormwind's music).
Mostly because everyone I know plays Alliance.

Also, because I get to attack Blood Elves and Undead on sight. Or used to.

Favourite races are Orcs, Tauren, Goblins and Dwarves. Gnomes and Humans have grown on me, though.
Alliance > Human > Racial= My reason for playing Alliance.
Alliance is gay, indeed.
well.. this is a hard one..
cuz i've been changing from horde to ally to horde to ally a billion times and more, but lore-wise i'd go for horde cuz i just think it's uhm better (orc and undead (EDIT) why Sylvanas and Thrall is my top fav leaders "old leader" ) but i can't really pick one fav race so im... going to list the ones that i like the most of em all.

Night elf - female
Goblin - female
undead - female
Troll - Female
Gnome - male
Troll - male
undead - male
Draenei - female
Worgen - female
Goblin - male

rest is.... meh! no comments! :o

god aweful looking goblins


and i adore you'r look/race, i mean so cute with them goggles and all :D
Why some people think gnomes are creepy or ugly? I think they're quite cute :)
I play horde because I like the overarching theme of tribalism and shamanism in many of the races.

I like the tribal style more than the civilised and modern style. I'm not too fond of all the orcish architecture like orgrimmar though...
Yes I think I would have to agree with Erona, I have tried levelling up hordes they do have some good race qualities, but I too find the horde levelling areas less aesthetically pleasing than that of the Alliance zones, and also not knowing since the patch came out which levelling areas to go to on the horde side.but the aesthetics of the horde zones do put me off more than anything, and I find Ogrimmar very hard and confusing to find things in when it comes to prof and class trainers. The other thing I have noticed also is that alli players seem to talk to each other more in groups and the like where as they dont seem to in horde groups and seems to turn out to be quite a lonely levelling experience,I find this quite disheartening aswell which makes me navigate more to the Alli side.

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