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Can anyone recommend a website where I can buy a game time card (code delivered by email) and pay by PayPal?

My credit card has just been cancelled and I won't get the new one until after my subscription is due to be paid, and I've got quite a lot I want to do before MoP comes out!
There are some good and trusted websites. You can try websites like

Make sure you will buy your gametime on trusted websites. Websites where people call sell accounts or in-game money can be dangerous.
You can certainly order a physical game time card from a site like Amazon using PayPal :)
Is the site giving you the code via email or sending it by post or what?
Any website that sells CD keys normally send gamecards through e-mail. Best is to read up on the respective site to see how they deliver.
Can try MMOGA - bought battlefield 3 from them last month when it was on offer, the key was delivered within 10 minutes, paid by paypal and havent regretted it since.

good luck mate^^
I'm p sure you can pay with paypal from the blizzard store...
you can for game keys but thats about it :/

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