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Pues mi hermano tiene un personaje en su cuenta que no quiere usar y me gustaría pasarlo a la mía, pero no me dejan, la cuestion es; se puede cambiar el nombre de una cuenta para así poderme pasar el personaje?
You cannot write in other languages in this forum, it's english only and I believe there're Spanish forums. Nonetheless..

No, no se puede cambiar el nombre de una cuenta para transferir personajes, es ilegal. En estos foros no se puede escribir en otros idiomas que no sea inglés, si quieres hacer una pregunta en castellano usa

Edit: if anyone's curious the original post is roughly: "My brother has a character he doesn't want to use in his account and I'd like to move it to mine, but it won't let me, my question is: can you change the name of the account to so I can transfer the character?"
English or it gets locked is the rule here.
Google says

Well my brother has a character on your account who did not use and would like to pass it on to mine, but do not let me, the question is, you can change the name of a account to help me get pass the character?

The answer is no you can't change the name or transfer it to your account.
I'm Spanish, no need for google :p
Ps: dear lord, it's like Babble translate all over again.
Please use the Spanish Customer Support Forums Foffi.

Por favor, utilizar los foros de Español, aqui

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