Lack of respect!

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Shrug spend time with nice folks .
Want to hurt them? ignore them they are just attention hookerz with zero love.
In the end you should not be angry but feeling sorry for them ,sad people do sad things
For those who lack you respect, just troll them. More rewarding.
Its quite simple, no one respects or treats perfect strangers affectionatly, but they never notice, because you dont talk to them.

On the net you do, even if you shouldnt.

Another net phenomen, guys start to act like gossip girls on the net and pretty much demand to be treated nicely by perfect strangers.
21/08/2012 13:33Posted by Sak
It's just a few simple words right? No physical harm.

It's actually a hot topic in the UK right now.

Twitter Trolls being arrested by the Police.
21/08/2012 08:33Posted by Elloral
If my parents whipped me with a belt, I'd !@#$%slap them and disown them. Seriously.

I used to get a belt....and a slipper when I was young.

My Father, and his Father were in the military. My Father was a Queens Guard (as was his Brother, my Uncle) and my Grand Father was a Para. To attempt to "!@#$%slap" my Father as you put it would land me in a world of s***.

Any form of defiance would, well...let me just say, it would be ill advised.

I'm bigger than my Father now, fitter, stronger, but I still wouldn't contemplate trying it on with him.

Do I hold a grudge? No.

Do I think it was correct? No.

But I still respect him.
I didn't know respect was demanded rather than earned...or maybe I just have a different background to yourself that I deem it necessary to earn respect before receiving respect.
Respect should be the default. People talk about earning respect but it should be freely given, and only taken away from those who later prove themselves undeserving.
21/08/2012 17:30Posted by Theremin
Respect should be the default. People talk about earning respect but it should be freely given, and only taken away from those who later prove themselves undeserving.

The difference between polite and manners vs respect.
I got bullied aswell on wow when I begun, but I simply ignore it.

And did some actions to earn respect from people.
Evil, I know your feels! But try to not care about them. I also am fed up with boring people in real life... they are totally no fun. Sigh.

Sometimes serious, most understandable talking to them might work. But not always.
Stupid people exist. Easiest way to go trough is probably report, or even easier, ignorance. Other people are not worthy ruining your day. If someone wants a duel, you can offer that to them! And it is the same in real life.
If someone ruins your day, interrupts with your delicious meal and even lets it drop to floor, SNAP! Time to give 'em what for!
Ye this is a big problem with this game, ppl just talking to other ppl like they were trash, but ive noticed that its mostly small kids that has a lack of respect cus they think they look cool... And this isnt just in this game, its irl also. Small kids with lack of respect for every1! This has made me take long breaks frm wow many times and its just getting worse and worse.
Something needs to be done!!
21/08/2012 19:02Posted by Poffen
Small kids with lack of respect for every1

Sorry but I fail to see why you link this with age. Surelly some kids are not acting as they should in this game but I have seen many people 40+ acting really immature and without respect for anyone. Actually I think that the fact that they are older really helps this kind of behaviour. I'm not saying all adults act bad or all kids act good, but age has almost nothing to do with it.
I see what the OP says here and know how he feels. It is quite sad to be treated without respect, simply because you are a stranger. They are not gonna be punished after all, so they feel they have the right to act as they please. There are two ways to deal with it I think. The one is to ignore them. But that means you will hate him from now on and he will likely do the same. The second is to treat him better than he did to you and try to let him know that he should act better. Some will just ignore you but maybe one or two will understand and act better. You can make friends that way too. After all respect should be earned and not demanded. They are excepted to have manners, but not respect a total stranger.
People think just because they're behind a computer screen they can do that without getting punched. I agree with this.

But I think it's more manners than respect.
I agree with most of this. but, some people just want to get their point across and it escalates. Also, id rather see less of you on the forums.

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