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I have autism and im looking for other people who have autism who I can talk 2.

My wow exp: I have a few lvl 85's but im always !@#$ in raids and pvp just because 2 many things keep happening so I lose so much dps/healing and I cant actually keep up.

I am thinking of trying 2 be an arcane mage since it has 2 least buttons 2 press and it wont change much in Mop.

I guess mage/warlock/feral/combat druid are gonna be easiest classes 2 raid with in MoP im not sure though.

Does any of you have the same problem? and which class do you think that will be the easiest 2 play in mop?
I don't have autism myself, but a good friend of mine whom I met through World of Warcraft has a form of it. (Not very 'severe' though, if I can say it that way.)

He plays a Balance Druid at the moment as his main, and from what I've heard balance druids do pretty well in the Beta. I myself hope for Elemental Shamans to do well in MoP ;)
I have a form of autism called PDD-NOS and I cant handle to many different "signs" or w/e you wanna call it in English.

Altough I manage myself in raids and pvp / arena, often being top dps / healing least deaths. I still have problems to focus and make many mistakes but I always try to do my best.

I do know that PDD-NOS is a milder form of Autism, but I can totally understand where you're comming from.

I think Frost / Arcane Mage, Elemental Shaman, Retribution Paladin and Beast Master Hunter are gonna be the easiest to raid with. This is from personal experience on beta from myself.

Balance Druid might get a but problematic unless you can get an addon like poweraura to say when you gain a Eclipse stance. I do use it myself and I manage, but it's still hard for me.
23/08/2012 14:50Posted by Nyfta
I myself hope for Elemental Shamans to do well in MoP ;)

Only non goblin shamans will! :3
23/08/2012 15:31Posted by Heallarious
I myself hope for Elemental Shamans to do well in MoP ;)

Only non goblin shamans will! :3

I'll nick your wallet... count on that!
Thx for all the posts so far no trolls in here :D
thx for ur reply :) Although I think feral cat druid will have less buttons than blance druid im not sure though
my last message was 2 Scalla*
I have PDD-NOS, something related to autism. I don't really have any problems with handling different signals or something like that, I mainly have problems with social stuff.

This might sound weird, but I think this game taught me quite a lot on the social part :D Mainly through guilds and talking to people in-game. I had not too much trouble writing in chat, but I didn't quite dare to speak on voice-chat, especially because it was in English (I'm Dutch). Eventually I got annoyed with myself for not daring to talk, and step by step I got over it :D Now it doesn't matter much who I talk to on voice chat... strangers or people I already know. Of course it does matter a bit if they are strangers, but its definitely a lot easier for me now.

And you are wrong Zevidoq... there are trolls here. Two of them :D
I suspect that "autism" is a term given to a phenomenon once it exceeds a certain threshold, and does exist in all possible gradations in a significant portion of the population.
As I would recommend in all kinds of cases like this, try to find an environment that provides you the opportunity and time you need to practice overcoming your difficulties.
Probably also good to not imagine you are suffering from something that's like a yes/no thing, that you can be cured from like an illness. It might all be intrinsic part of our personality based on the experiences we had in life.Giving it a name might not be wise, for it can distract from the real causes, which are often inconvenient to realize.

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