Holy Shock... Nerf ploxx ??

Hello Blizzard.

I must say the new talents system is quitte impresive on every class i played sofar
There is only one thing

Paladins ar to OP

"Shockadins" they call themself
I Must say i din't expect this to much everything is pretty much balanced except Holy Paladins

They do massive healing and Massive dmg with holy spells don't ask me why im not agreeing with this at all... Ive tried to many things on my Hunter dueling but this is just redicelous i demand a nerf on Holy shock

Anyone who agree's ???

And paladins that's gonna QQ that they don't
Don't reply im not asking for ur comments
same thing happened to holy in the pre-wotlk patch and pre-cata patch. It will even out don't worry.
Ye ye cry moar.
The class is fine.
Adelais jumping in on every single thread about this.
Its' not fine, it's broken beyond belief and has to be fixed.
Cry all day. Every new expansion hits, people start complaining first in the Paladin forum. Nothing new.

It is all balanced for lvl90 pvp. An imbalance for 85 was to be expected.

Or is anyone caring about Def-Warriors 1shotting people in the 60 BGs? No. Bye.
It's not balanced @ 85 and Blizz acknowledges this so it is fine. Calling for a nerf will ruin the lvl 90 scaling.

30/08/2012 11:13Posted by Imjusthealin
jumping in on every single thread

When people make stupid threads I can't help but comment.

You're welcome.

go check on that maybe it won't be fixed because this is how 90s Burst in records and guess what Holydins still toppin it baby and it doesnt matter it takes 15-20 sec more then DPS classes no matter what happens its gonna be a hurtfull thing in arena's and world PVP
30/08/2012 01:05Posted by Eragonia
Hello Blizzard.

So... w8 w8 w8, let me get this str8, u came to the Paladin forums looking for Blizzard? lol, DK made a funny xD

I do admit, Holy needs a scaling change for a few spells on this lvl, not a nerf since then it will be very bad at lvl 90, but having a DK ask for nerfs on a lvl 55 alt, beyond funny.

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